Chapter 11

*Cameron POV*

Faith sits staring at the wall, her legs pulled tight to her chest as the nurse looks at her head. She looks so different now, so small and broken. Gone is the strong snarky girl, replaced with the real, raw version. Seeing her like this is hard, especially since I’ve only ever seen her on the defense.

When I saw her lay her head down, I couldn’t help but smile. The way she hides, trying to avoid detection. Watching her jolt and shake and whimper and ultimately fall back and hit her head had been nothing compared to her after dream state where she sobbed for death at the hands of some illusion only she was witnessing. I couldn’t bare her pain. I had to walk away and yet, when I got to the door, I found I couldn’t leave. 

The new teacher had sent another student running for Mia. I felt useless not being able to leave but having no real reason to stay. I wanted to help her. The need to just do something was so strong. S

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