Chapter 14

*Faith POV*

“Wait, hold on. I’m sorry.” Mia puts her hand up, stopping the flow of conversation. “Cameron invited us all to a party tonight? And you really think we aren’t going?”

“Because we aren’t,” I reaffirm, looking to Noah for help, who is shoveling food into his mouth like a starved animal.

“I think it would be fun. I’ve never been to a high school party” Noah chimes in, finally looking up and catching my evil glare. He winces and is about to backtrack when he looks at Mia, who is staring at him happily. He smirks, and I know I’ve lost. 

“Do I have to go with you?” I plead. Berry walks up and takes a seat next to me, and I gawk at him. I was worried he would still be upset with me after our date. I’d run with him since then, sure, but they had usually been silent and I was afraid to say anything.

“Berry!” He smiled at me warmly

“Hey, Faith,”

“Y-you’re going to eat with us today?” I asked hopef

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