Andro confronts Leah

In the town, there are a lot of men who have known to the background of Leah. To her, some women pipe dream to meet this woman. In fact, some of the family have quite broken due to her. Nevertheless, they cannot meet her in the day. Since she has a lot of house where she can stay shortly.

Early in the morning, Leah has slipped her back of what she had experienced yesterday. Now, she gives the nod to her behavior and personal background. To this, she has crossed her mind to find another profession. However, she does not have a high educational background. To her situation, she has crossed her mind that she is out of mind; to find a money using her hands. To these, she has done the brick to stop it.  However, she is just having a difficulty to prevent it.

One day, Carlo ( the mayor) has approached her. This time, he lets the cat out of the bag to her; he has advice her; to go back to her hometown due to the plenty of complains which  he has received everyday fr

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