Chapter 10

➡️ Aruda :

I touched my lips in shock. I could still feel and taste Eric there.

 He literally just pinned me to the lockers and kissed me. My lips were slightly swollen from him. Leaning down I picked up my binders that l dropped. I still can't believe Eric did that.

 I started walking away.

Unconsciously, I touched my lip ring. I could feel my face turned a bit red.

 No, I won't be some love-stricken girl

The art door came into view. Great second day and a period from Lunch and I'm late for the third lesson already. 

Why do I always embarrass myself. I noticed a note in my pocket.

The top of says,"Class PASS for Aruda", written neatly in Eric's handwriting.

 I rolled my eyes at that. How is he going to get me out of a tardy.

 Gathering what was left up of my dignity I knocked on the door.

A young blonde lady Ms. Bella said, "Take a seat next to Duke".

I no

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