*** Eric P.O.V ***

Duke gave me this look saying, spill it out.

“You can’t say anything but Aruda is meeting an Ancient hellhound to fight him.” I said.

Duke’s grip on his drink was tightened.

“I’m going with you.” Duke said standing up.

I stood up angry and shocked.

“No you are Not, I’m not gonna risk my little brother getting killed.” I yelled at him.

Duke stood up his ground.

“I am her protector.” Duke yelled back at Me.

“I’m her MATE!” I yelled with authority this time.

Duke stayed quiet and looked at Me in the eyes.

“She’s facing a fucking ancient hellhound, a demon at that, If you think you can defeat him alone, then you have seriously gone nuts in the head.” Duke said.

  I stood still. Duke was right, I may not even stand the chance.

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