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Grey collided with Duncan knocking him down. I was so pissed that he’d even touched her. Not to mention the fact that he broke her wrist and leg.

Grey snapped his jaws at Duncan.

Duncan pushed himself up and wiped some blood from his cheek.

“You are gonna regret that you scumbag.” Duncan growled out.

  Then, we started circling each. As Duncan changed into his demon form.

Grey snapped his jaws at Duncan who titled his head in a taunting way.

  There was no way Grey was gonna make the first move.

Then Duncan launched himself first at Grey.

They both went rolling across the ground in a blur of fangs and claws.

  Duncan pinned Grey to the ground and sank his teeth into his shoulder.

Grey let out a loud whimper but then he kicked Duncan with his hind legs and scratched his stomach hard knocking him off. The minute Duncan went across the ground Grey leap

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