➡️ Aruda :

I forced my eyes open taking in my surroundings. I was in the Kimberly’s kitchen. My leg and wrist felt like hell had ran it over. Lilou was looming over me like a creepy stalker.

I bit back a loud scream.

“You are alive.” Lilou said happily.

“Yeah, and never had it hurt so much before.” I muttered pushing myself up.

When I was about to stand up, I fell right down. Arms encircled my waist and picked me up.

Opening my eyes clearly, I looked into Eric’s crystal eyes.

The only ones in the kitchen were Lilou and Eric.

Eric was only in a pair of shorts.

Burns covered all over his body. Guilt rushed through my body.

  “Well I’m going to get going and will drop your car off at your house.” Lilou said exiting the room.

Lilou just abandoned me with Eric

I could practically feel his gaze burning into me.

“I kept th

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