Chapter 13 – The Heavenly Messenger

I parked my Ducati next to a white Tamaraw FX. Compared to all the cars there in the university parking lot, my motorcycle looks out of place.

It was already Wednesday, two days passed and we still had no lead of who the suspect or supects were on the killings. Even the combined forces of the best Junior Agents, deductive members and detectives of the organization seemed not enough for that case. It should have already been completed in just two days since the Hunter was there, but even he looked so strained. Idagdag pa ang pagkawala ni Justin sa unang araw pa lang. Tapos si Apollo hindi pa bumabalik ng headquarters. Balak ba nilang iwan ako sa ere?

I took my helmet off and went inside the college building. Buti na lang washday, meaning hindi required mag-uniform ang mga estudyante. At buti na lang wala si Apollo dahil walang mamemeste sa akin sa paggamit ko ng motor. Although, nag-aalala ako kung nasaan siya. Ni wala man lang text o tawag. Tinatawagan ko na siya

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