Chapter 12: His Office

Leo's POV

We've been driving for an hour and a half, and we finally got to the hospital where Dr. Nes Sharar works. We parked our car and went into the hospital. We were greeted by nurses who were at the front desk. The nurse asked what she could help us with; Luca then asked where Dr. Nes Sharar was. 

"May I know who you are, sir?" She asked politely. Luca took his ID and Badge, "I'm Luca Alistair, a detective. I have a few questions for Dr. Nes Sharar. Is he here today?" The nurse looked surprised a bit, "Oh, Mr. Alistair. Dr. Sharar expected you here, but unfortunately, there is an emergency overseas, so he's currently out of the country. But he did leave you a letter and instructed us to give it when you come by." 

She took an envelope out from the table and handed it to Luca. We opened it and found a letter with a key inside. "Hello, Mr. Alistair. I'm Dr. Nes Sharar. A friend of

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