Chapter 2: At The Company

Leo's POV

After driving for a good 1 hour and 30 mins he finally arrived at the company. He drove his car right at the main entrance of the building and some people were waiting at the main entrance. He stopped his car and took his car keys then stepped out of the vehicle. When he shut the door, a valet approached him. The valet bowed a bit to him and then greeted him good morning. He sent a simple nod towards him and handed the keys as the valet would park it to the VIP parking space reserved for him.

The staff who were waiting at the main entrance shifted their focus on to him. They greeted him good morning and bowed to him a bit. He sent them a short nod and then proceeded to enter the company building. When he got in, his secretary went to greet him at the entrance. He was quite confused because usually it's supposed to be his P.A who should be greeting him and say his schedules.

There were tons of people who were looking at him but nonetheless, he paid no attention to them because their opinions didn't really matter that much to him. Besides, no one can judge him here anyway. After all he's the CEO of this billion-dollar worth company.

His Secretary was walking beside him explaining the things that should be done today as well as his other schedules. "Sir Leo, for today you have a meeting with the Marketing and Finance team due to some problems with the materials and its cost at 10:30 am. Then the PR Dept. head would be meeting you to clarify the issue that their staff accidentally caused which damaged our company's image at 3 pm but you don't have to worry sir. I was able to take control of the damage and our stocks are now back to its normal pace." The secretary said to Leo in a clear and swift way after all time is not something to be wasted.

Leo nodded in agreement to what she said then suddenly remembered about his P.A. He wondered if his P.A was late or won't be coming to work for today. "Andrea, where is Tai by the way? He's my P. A and yet he isn't here. Which makes me wonder, why you're doing someone else's job when you have things to be doing as well?" he asks her, of course as their boss he needs to know Tai's whereabouts especially he's the P.A of the CEO himself. His job is important and is vital to make sure the CEO doesn't forget the things that need to be done.

Andrea didn't look surprised when Leo asks her about this. She was the secretary of this company after all but strangely even she doesn't actually know where her boss's P.A went or if he was simply absent or late. "To be honest, even I myself don't know where he is boss. Usually, Tai arrives early and he has never been late. If he was going to be late or absent, he doesn't forget to inform the HR Dept. or his other colleagues to relay the message that he wasn't feeling well or gonna be late. Actually last night I tried calling him several times to give him some of your schedule and new meetings because he's your P.A but no one answered. The last time I was able to talk to him was yesterday before we all went home at 5:30 pm. Since I didn't get any response last night, I figured that I'll just have to do it myself just in case he forgot. " She said to him honestly and she was also worried about Tai but panicking won't do any good to anyone.

Leo deeply thought to himself it's impossible for Tai to be this irresponsible. He was working under their company for some time and this was the first time something ever like this happened. He looked at Andrea, "Andrea, try to contact his family and try visiting his house. But don't go alone okay? Ask someone to go with you or if I have time later I'll come with you okay?" Leo said to her to know what's happening to Tai.

"Sir, I do appreciate the thought of you accompanying me to visit your P.A but you have many things to be doing. So, you don't really have to accompany me later. I'll take a company driver to take me to his place. So please, just do your job at ease. I'll handle the situation with Tai." Andrea said to him seriously. Not planning to make her boss skip some work because of having to visit his P.A. She thought to herself as a secretary, she shouldn't take up her boss's time like this. He is needed to attend some important meetings after all.

Leo nodded, it was okay as long as she wasn't alone. After all, being alone at night can be dangerous especially to women. "All right, but make sure to take a company driver okay? After visiting him let me know what happened and ask the company driver to drive you home afterward. It's not safe to be wandering alone. You know what happened last night right? The police want to be extra careful this time." He said to Andrea and she just nodded.

With that, Leo went to the elevator and press the number of his office. He waited in the lift then when he arrived he got off and went to work straight. Throughout the entire day, Leo did nothing but do work and attend meetings of each department to clarify issues and make strategies to make their company and product improvements.

He scanned through all the files given to him by Andrea. This file contained the different issues that were addressed in the meeting earlier at the time.

To be continued

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