Cana Vandia



My name is Athena Calleen Vandia and I am the President of the House of Iota. 


It has been a few hours since the plane which was carrying the students of our houses landed on Scion Island. Instead of socializing with the rest, I decided to go straight to my room.


The glass windows reflected my looks as I made my way through the hallways to my dorm room. I was wearing an off-shoulder dress in a shade of cream. Complementing this was my white heels and diamond necklace. My long wavy caramel hair was tied up in a neat bun which highlighted my collar bones. I was taller than the average girl so I could see better despite the crowd in the way.


I took a closer look at my reflection. 


I was a little tanned and at times I would have freckles spread across my nose and cheeks. My eyebrows were a little thick and my eyelashes were always luscious. My cheeks were a little chubby despite the fact that I was thin. My eyes are in the shade of caramel, a little lighter than my hair color.


I have sure missed the smell of oak in these hallways.


I smiled at the familiar sight when I entered my room, nothing has changed. 


This was what I liked about this school, there was not much any rules when it comes to your own room. Since the students here are all big-time people, the dormitory you stay in during your first year would be the same unit until you graduate.


You can renovate it by yourself, request for your own furniture and mess it around. The only time that they would fix it would be when you finally graduate. They let you do this so that you would feel at home, you would have to stay for four years here anyway. They would only turn it back to standard once you leave. 


My room was painted in a shade of blue, turquoise, and white. Blue was the color of our house, Iota, but I was not doing it to show my support. Blue has always been my favorite color. 


All the students are provided with a queen size bed, but I decided to upgrade mine to a king-size last year. The board of the bed was made out of leather, it was also in a shade of blue. It has a simple look to it. 


Above my bed is a painting I had done when I was a first year, it was a painting of a huge bridge over water. Besides my bed, there is a nightstand and in front of it is a blue sofa.


The room for all the students is of the same size, it did not depend on their rank. They were given the right to renovate but adding more space in the room was not allowed. Opposite the sofa is a flat-screen television that hangs on my wall, gadgets were allowed in school, but they have security apps installed, even on our computers and television.


In the middle of the room, next to a window is my study table. It was built in, it had a long blue desk and on top, there were a lot of shelves for my books. Below it was multiple drawers. I have a blue swivel chair that was built perfectly for it.


I let my fingers cross my drawing board, I missed it. I missed my room. This room was even better than my room at home, it made me feel more at home - ironic, isn't it?


I placed my luggage at the side, the rest of my stuff was probably arriving later on. I took in a deep breath before jumping onto my bed. It smelled of roses, I guess the cleaners had cleaned them like they usually do.


I could hear people right outside my room chattering away. Everyone has been going around giving hugs and kisses to the people that they have missed during our summer vacation.


It was not like I do not have any friends; I do. I was just so tired, even dizzy. 


Before I took the flight here, I was in the middle of a family interview. 


The Vandia family owns the largest chain of hospitals worldwide. It has the greatest doctors and has invented medicines that people have been trying to create for centuries.


My twin and I were being interviewed because, in the long line of Doctors that belonged in our family, the two of us were the first to decline that line of work. I was pursuing engineering while my brother was pursuing law.


It outraged both our parents, one of us should have at least taken doctoring but we were both headstrong. We did not want to be stuck in a line of work that we were not passionate about. 


It started a mess in our family since my dad did not want to hand down the title of the head to a cousin of mine. Last I heard he was still looking for someone who was truly passionate about medicine.


Knock. Knock. Knock.


I looked at the clock that was hanging above my shoe rack - 4:57 pm. I wondered who it could be as I stood up but right before I could even make my first step the door swung open.


There stood my best friend with a wide grin, William Ashton Moriarty, Tony for short. Behind him was Lillianne La Scala, another one of my closest friends. I rolled my eyes at their sudden entrance, but they ignore it.


Tony was wearing a grey dress shirt, folded until his elbow like he always does. Together with it was a black slack and leather shoes. He was wearing the designer watch that I bought him last year. It made me smile.


He was taller than me by a head, he was taller than most guys. He was fit since he always exercised, despite the fact that he has no sports.


He has a ruffly light brown hair that sits messily on his head and brown-greenish eyes that I've always envied. On top of those traits, he has a perfectly lined jaw and a pointed nose. Veins can always be seen running through his arms.


As you can imagine, a lot of girls actually fall for this guy, but he only has one thing in his head and that is to pass this university and become a well-known Detective. He always says he has no time for love, and I admire him for that.


"Why are you still here? Everyone else has been going around, the fourth and the fifth floor are finally open to us you know!" Tony stood behind me and placed his hands on my shoulder, pushing me out of the room.


The fourth and the fifth floor are open only to those who are in the third or fourth year though it gives special access to the executive committee of each house no matter what year they may be. The place was not new to me since I was already a part of the committee last year. I was only a treasurer back then.

However, to Tony and Anne, these levels are all still new.


Tony has been my best friend in this school ever since the first year, he has always been there for me. We were both in the house of Iota.


He was the type to be chill about everything, I mean everything; projects, exams, homework, nothing bothered him at all. 


Unlike me who was enrolled in this school due to my rich background, Tony was here because he was a genius. He always tops our batch without fail and he barely even study for it.


He really was fitting in our house, the house of intelligence. 


There had been rumors last year saying that he should be the President of our house instead of me, but he was too lazy to even consider the position. In fact, the only reason why he joined the executive committee this year was because I asked him to. 


When the rumors got worse, he decided to announce that he never wanted to be a president at all. He said it would be a drag to always organize our house that was why he settled for being a Vice. Due to this remark of his, this rumor in our house died down before summer started.


"Wahh," Anne had her mouth agape. She was stunned by how large and vast the third floor was. It truly was big, even I was amazed when I first stepped onto this place.


I have always known Anne; I knew her outside of school. She is a daughter of a world-known Veterinarian, in fact, their family was a family of Vets. They own the largest zoo in America and have a few other branches around the world. She was also taking on biology and med since she was planning on being a Vet herself.


I got to know her because their family's company was associated with ours. 


Anne is a sweet girl; she was always there for me and Tony when we needed her. She was the one who always settled our fights. 


On top of that, she was also very pretty. Unlike me, Anne was rather short, she was a head shorter than I was. Whenever she stands next to Tony, she always ends up looking like a kid.


She has luxurious grey hair that runs until her waist and curtain bangs. She claims she needed it because her forehead was huge but that was totally not true. Her eyes were in a shade of light blue, she looked like a fox. She would always wear heels so that she could stand closer to my height and she always wears flowy dresses like she did today.


Her dress was light blue, and it flowed until her knees.  She has a black headband to keep her hair neat and a simple necklace that was wrapped around her neck. The color of her dress complemented her skin that was in a shade of beige. 


She is petite in terms of build, so she always looks cute. She has dimples that show whenever she smiles, everyone in our house adores her.


She has two dogs, a cat, an aquarium of fishes, and a bunny in her dorm. Pets were allowed to keep us company. 


Anne befriends everybody, it comes naturally to her. If she had run for the committee last year, she would have also made it, but she was never fond of being in the committee.


I was probably the reason why these two decided to go run for the committee this year. If I was going to be the President, I did not want just anyone to be a part of my committee, so I asked the two of them to go for it. They did and as I had expected, they won.


Our house was not triumphant last year, we were third in the placing for the overall rank. A part of me still feels like we were cheated so this year as the President I plan on reclaiming our trophy back.


The house of Iota has always been either first or second in the list which was why it was unacceptable to most of us that we placed third last year. 


Our house was not always one of the kindest. When I was a first year in the school, the caste system in the house was still being used but now only the executive committee has the power. 


The students of Iota were now very giving towards the house members and we never made them do anything reckless or unfair like the other houses.


The House of Iota is the House of the Intelligent, we have the smartest of people. This is why almost all of the scholars of the school is in our house. These scholars are mostly those students who are not filthy rich. 


If our houses were ranked according to our social status, the house of Iota would be plain last. Still, it does not mean that our house has all the scholars in the school.


There are a lot of other students that are smart, but their other characteristics overpower their intelligence which is why they got sorted to the other houses. One is not simply a genius when one is in the House of Iota, one is also wise and tactical.


I was awoken from my thought when I found Anne jumping and running around. She was like walking sunshine. I smiled at them as they continued to wander the halls of the third floor.


Marbled pillars scattered across the hall and in the middle were two grand staircases that both lead to the fourth floor. The third floor was more like a ballroom, I heard it was where the senior ball is always held.


We continued up to the fourth floor, it was smaller compared to the third floor. It has a lot of rooms, music rooms, libraries, a science room, and a few empty rooms. It was not like there were no rooms like this is the first and second floor, they do, so I always wondered why they had to build more here. Maybe they wanted to separate the 3rd and 4th years from those who are new.


At the end of the fourth floor, there is another huge staircase, this time, only one. It leads to the final floor which is the fifth floor. It was the floor that only gives access to the executive committees of each house. I have also been here before.


This floor had various rooms as well. There is a room for all the executive committees of each house and in the middle, there is a huge conference room where all the meetings between these houses are held.


Familiar faces entered the walked up the fifth floor. I guess some of the students in the other committees remained just like me.


There is barely any interaction between the houses except for the executive committee. The executive committee always has to hold meetings together to discuss events, problems, and other things that need to be handled. 


Our school has a lot of different events since they supported a lot of different things but throughout the year there are only 3 major events.


Sports Day, Cultural Day, and Mystery Day.


Almost all the events of the school are handled by the executive or supported by it that was why almost every week there is a meeting being held. I was explaining all these to Anne and Tony when someone interrupted us.


"I heard your status went up Vandia," a familiar voice called out behind me.


This annoying voice, I knew exactly who it was. This voice has been annoying the hell out of me ever since last year when I joined the executive committee. 


This voice belongs to an asshole.


"What the hell do you want, Ace?"





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