A Confession Or Two



e was definitely talking about our kiss. 


looked the other way because I suddenly felt unsure of my expression, I did not want him to think I was fond of that kiss.


I had two options, to leave and risk getting caught or to stay here and face this awkward tension. Both were equally bad, but the thought of getting kicked out of the school was far more frightening so I remained still in his room. 


"Vandia," he broke the silence after a while. 


I was hoping he would start to call me Cana after he did so this afternoon, but he was back to calling me by my surname. 


"Mhnnn," I gave him a glance. 


"Just how dauntless can you be?" he was smirking right at me. 


How was I even brave? 


"You dare go to my room at night, a guy's room from another house, and yet you can still lie down there comfortably," he looked a little frustrated. 


"Do you do this to all guys? Like
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