In The Basement



e're sorry it took that long." 


Edward shook his head, smiling widely, "Still that was quite a heist."


"A human heist, if that is actually a thing," Ace joined. 


"Food? Anyone?" I asked when the seatbelt lights turned off.


"I'm good," Edward smiled before he started to look out the window, he was admiring the clouds. I could not blame the guy; he had been locked up in that room for ten years. It was better to leave him alone for a little while. 


"I'll join you," Ace immediately stood up and followed me to the tail of the plane.


The last time we got in this plane the fridge was filled with food but right now, if it was even possible, there was more food in it. It had about three tubs of ice cream, a variety of yogurt, cookies, sodas, boxes of iced tea drinks, candies, gummy bears, and others I could not even name.


"Do you think Blake always keeps a stash of food here?" I asked. 


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