If it was not for Scion University I would not have met Athena Calleen Vandia. 


Then again, if it were not for the same university, I would not have broken up with her nor operate on her. A lot of things would not have happened. 


I wouldn't have had two kids sitting on my lap.

I wouldn't have such a beautiful wife. 

I wouldn't have such a great family. 


"Babe, Edward said he is coming over today, it's his freedom anniversary," Cana called out behind one of the huge blankets. It was Sunday, family day, and as usual, we spent our morning at our backyard where Cana would be hanging out clothes. The maids could have done it but when she was free, she always insisted on doing some of the house chores.


"Uncle Edward is coming over?" Andrea smiled.


"Is he? Is he?" Adeline jumped down from my lap. 


The twins smiled widely at me, they were only turning four next year, yet they could speak so fluentl
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