Rising Currents

I saw one of the soldiers fall to the ground and drop his weapon. Making that error was terrible.

I was aware of the value of possessing a weapon even when I had just arrived in this world.

"Aah!! Help!" As the young man dragged his body to the ground, he shrieked in terror. The ground was stained red by his leg's blood.

I didn't intervene until it was absolutely necessary to do so after waiting a while.

I grabbed the stone in my hand, turned on super enhancement, and swiftly flicked it. The stone shot out like a bullet thanks to the flick's powerful force, which also caused a gushing sound of the wind.

As it flew toward the imp, the head of the creature exploded, instantly killing it.

The imp dropped to the ground unexpectedly, and the soldier was left in a state of shock. Naturally, the young master was the first person that came to mind.

The soldier's expression of gratitude was ignored as I commanded him to engage in combat.

"Or else I won't let you become a soldier again." His sp
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