Imperial Decree

Princess Ladia was well aware of the consequences of her course of action. As Duke Dion had predicted, once word of her announcement spread throughout the empire, it was possible that civil war would break out.

However, it was necessary.

A letter had been left on her desk sometime earlier. The letter's colour was red, and a strong rose scent permeated it. One organization, in particular, came to mind for Ladia—the one that was run by a certain "goddess" who seemed to love roses so much that it had to be a part of everything they did or said.

In contrast to their attire, which was pure red and scented like roses, their banner was a rose in gold colour.

Even bathing in rose water was allegedly a practice among the organization's adherents.

However, Ladia refrained from maligning such a group because it controlled close to a quarter of the empire's population of commoners.

Despite the fact that nobles despised the common people, Ladia, who once presided over the empire, realized that the
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