Level Up

[Stealth has reached level 3]

Hmm? Nice! Skill level up!

But how did it levelled up? I didn't even hide...I get it. What I am doing in this hole is hiding! Does that actually count? This is such a huge opportunity to farm my skill level for my stealth. I should try and see what other skills I can level up in this way.

I'll think about that later, I need to hunt today. It's not every day I'll get free food from the Orcs. But engaging in combat means instant death for me based on the monster I have met till now.

I'm sure there are other weaker monsters in this place, Right!!?? If not I am totally screwed.

I also need a safer place as my shelter, the hole I am staying in now may be safe for now but if I am found it's more like a death trap cause I have no way out.

I'm so hungry...

Hiding in my shelter there's only one thing on my mind.


I'm starting to remember all the delicious foods I have eaten in my previous life, meat, cakes, noodles and even vegetables!!! Yes, I am so hungry right now that vegetables even seem to be a delicacy!! (I hate veggies)

4 days... I have been thinking of a way to get food for 4 days straight. I somehow thought if dying would be better than being stuck in this hell hole. I can't think straight anymore and the hunger is making it worse.

Above that, my status...

[Species: Newborn Imp]

HP: 29/50

DEF: 15

ATK:4 (Weakened)

[Skills: Scavenging*, Iron claw*, Sprint*, Play dead**, Stealth***]

My HP decreases every few hours, and if I am not wrong once the HP hits 0 I'll be dead.

So finding food is necessary not just to quench my hunger but to survive.

I swore even the vegetables that I hated in my past life sounds delicious as hell. But I have already found a prey. In the past 4 days, I have seen one monster that was not a Warg or an Orc.

And it's in my sight.

[Zameleon: A lizard-type monster with little to none of Sky dragon blood. Has camouflaging abilities. Found in the upper levels of the Great Earth Dungeon. Weakness: Head]

If you're wondering how I am able to get its info then it's because of a skill I unlocked by chance.

[Analyze: Shows info of the targeted]

I got this skill when I was messing with my status screen 2 days ago. And I found out that the higher the level it is, the more info it will show. And from the info I got, I am actually in some dungeon which to me is both good and bad news. Good news because I have dreamt of something like this happening to me because of all the animes and mangas I read. Bad news because it means I am also a type of monster and there are probably humans in this world too. And they might come hunting any time. Plus a dungeon is DANGEROUS. But let's keep all that aside for now and focus on something more important. FOOD!!

My prey has a certain set of movements, every 2 days it comes down from the ceiling to the floor and that day is today.

Just a few more hours and it'll be within my reach.

I haven't killed anything large or big enough for me to feel bad about it in my past life. So I don't know whether I'll hesitate when the time comes to kill this at least a meter long creature.

But my stomach does not take no for an answer! So I can't hesitate here because my life depends on it.

The creature slowly crawls down the wall of the dungeon in search of food but it does not know that it is about to become the 'food'.

Finally, the creature is just in front of my shelter where I am staying in stealth. A few meters away from me. Don't worry stomach I won't let you down.

In a flash, I use sprint and dashed out from my shelter closing in the distance in a few secs and land a  strike using my iron claws exactly on its head.


[Zameleon: HP 38/45]

It does not die immediately just as I guessed so I use my hands and legs to lock down the beast on the ground. It resisted as the creature tries to swing me off from its body. But it is too late now I have my claws dug deep enough on its skin. With that, I slashed with my claws a few more times.

[You have killed Lvl 4 Zameleon]

[Level up]

[Level up]

[Level up]

[Level up]

[You have received 4 skill points]

[Iron claw has reached level 2]

[Sprint has reached level 2]

Now I know that I gain experience to improve my level when I kill other creatures or monsters. This also means that other monsters get experience in the same way I do. That gives the reason why the Orc didn't eat its prey but only killed it. It must be hunting for the experience.

I have to think about this later now I have a more serious matter to deal with. I cannot leave my prey here for too long because the scent will surely attract other monsters. I drag my prey over to my shelter since I can't lift it as it is about the same size or actually bigger than me.

HUUUUUh... finally I can relax without worrying about food.

No more wasting time I ignore the state of my prey as I bite into its flesh.

This taste, how do I describe it??

It is disgusting and bloody. Obviously, because I am eating it raw but I am sure it could taste better when cooked.

[You have consumed the flesh of Zameleon]

[You have received 70 Essence]

I didn't even use scavenge ?? How did I get the essence??

[Target for scavenging found]

[Do you wish to scavenge]


I get it now. I receive essence for eating it but I don't get every essence the creature has and this is where the skill Scavenge comes to use.

Nice I don't lose anything at all then. This means I can become stronger faster unless everyone creature here has the skill.

I have eaten till my stomach is satisfied but I can't stay in this shelter for too long. The blood from my prey is everywhere around my shelter and this will surely attract other monsters here.

I need to find a safer place before night arrives.

By the way, the walls here light up making the dungeon seems as if it's daytime and it goes back to its original state making the dungeon dark as if it's nighttime.

Before that, I'll check my status

[Species: Newborn Imp]


DEF: 23


[Skills: Scavenging*; Iron claw**; Sprint**; Play dead**, Stealth***]

[Upgrades: Body 2/3, Claw 0/3]

Skill points: 5

Stat points: 1

Essence: 100

Hmm? How did I have 100 Essences, isn't it supposed to be 70?

[Scavenging completed +30 Essence]

Well, that explains why. Now time to move. But I need to prepare a plan first. I can't just move around randomly on this battlefield. I guess it's time to use up all I have.

Despite all the difficulties I have managed to survive in this new world. And I will continue to do so while becoming stronger!!

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