Finding Home

Checking on what I have saved up during my time here...

Skill points: 4

Stat points: 1

Essence: 100

I think I cannot hold off on saving these points up since I need to get stronger to explore and search for a new shelter.

Let's check out how the skill points work.

[Do you wish to buy new skills?]

What! I thought it was for levelling up skills!? But it is for buying skills instead?? I could have survived way easier if I had checked this out earlier. No use regretting now.


[Available skills]

-EVASION: Dodge any attack one time. MP cost: 20  Skill point :3

-BLACKOUT: Release a thick and dense gas covering 2m in radius from the source blocking the sight of all inside the gas. MP cost: 15  Skill point: 2

-STEEL BODY: Passive skill which reduces damage taken by 10% Skill point:6

-PIERCE: Enhances the next attack with a piercing effect that will ignore 20% of armour. MP cost: 10

Skill point:2

-REGENERATE: Heal small amounts of HP every hour. Passive skill. Skill point: 4

[Evolve to unlock more skills]

Hehehehehe ... Watch out all the beings of this puny world, I .....I realised now that in my status I didn't have any name. Does that mean I am just one of many monsters out there?

NOO!! This can't be happening! NOOO!!!

Stop! Why am I even overreacting here?

I need to choose a suitable skill for me with the essence I have. But all the skills here look too good. This is gonna be hard but I don't have much time to think for it.

The more skills the better right then I'll take the Blackout and pierce skills. One is more on the defensive side and one for attacking. But MP is mentioned here and I didn't see any MP bar on m status, will the skill be unusable if I don't have any MP?

Sigh... this is too risky but I don't have time left, the walls are starting to dim already.

Just do it!

[Would you like to learn the skills of Blackout and Pierce]


[Skills learn]

[You have met the condition for unlocking extra stats]


Species: Newborn Imp

HP:70                CON: 5                (1 CON= 10HP)

DEF:23            DEX: 3                    (1DEX= 5 DEF)

ATK:13            STR: 3                    (1 STR= 3 ATk)

MP: 15            INT:3                      (1INT= 5MP)

[Skills: Scavenging*, Iron claw**, Play dead**, Stealth***,Pierce*,Blackout*]

        {Unique Skill: Experience of Another life}

  {Reduce the MP cost of all skills and abilities to 1}


What I was lacking unlike the protagonist of the mangas and anime I watched was an OP skill or ability! But now I have one!

My road to SUPREMACY has finally begun!

HHAHAAHAHAHAHA all skills cost 1MP, if that isn't OP I don't know what is. No one can stand above me now! I can now spam every skill with my 15 MP...




Calm down... What the ... is this you stupid system! I only have 15 MP?? I have the experience of another life?? Aren't I supposed to have more INT and more MP!!

Sigh... it's okay it's alright.

I can still increase the MP by raising my INT. It's alright.

Let's just use my 1 stat point on INT

[Using 1 stat point on INT]

hmm, I  feel smarter? I am now 1INT smarter! Hurray! I'll think about this later I need to use my essence too.

[Do you wish to use the available Essence]

Yes, yes, yes...

[Available upgrades]



Last time I took 2 upgrades on my body, this time I'll do two upgrades on my claw then.

I'll take the poison claw to help me take care of prey faster and the curved claw so that I can escape using the walls of the dungeon. Yes, this is perfect.

[Do you wish to upgrade to poison claw and curved claw?]



I feel like I forgot something.....

NO!!! The pain!!



DOES IT HAVE TO HURT every time!!!

Whew... finally the pain is gone. I think it felt less painful this time because it is an upgrade on my claws instead of the body.

[Poison Claw: The claw is coated with poison deadly to others but harmless to self]


Nice, I don't have to be careful about poisoning myself. That helped me a lot.

[Curved claw: Makes the claw curved to help in climbing walls, to get more grip and impaling]


I wonder what will happen if I get all the available upgrades...will I be able to evolve??

After a short rest, I head out in search of my new home. I further explore the cavern-like dungeon, gather more information and in the process search for new prey.

I notice a lizard-like creature but it seems like a mix of a dog and a lizard. It stands on four legs but its legs are longer unlike that of a lizard.

[Naga offspring- The offsprings of Epic rank Dragon Naga. ????????????]

What?!!! Myth rank?? I better stay away from that ugly thing. Yes, I am not scared at all. I am just staying away from it because I don't want its ugliness to affect me.

Ok, let's move on.

But why did the system gave me ??? in the status of the lizard?

Is it because of the rank? That must be the case indeed.

It's been exactly 3hrs since I started searching for a new shelter. And I think I have found it.

In front of me, I see a huge nest-like structure hanging from the ceiling. It has a small entrance and is away from the reach of most creatures. It is the perfect shelter for me.

The problem is that, while I was checking it out I saw a creature that looked like a flying dinosaur entering it. It was not big at all, must be the same size as I am. It didn't have wings either but I am sure it was flying. There is nothing wrong with that, after being in this world for some time my common sense is a mess.

I want to take the shelter and also make that creature my prey. But there's one problem. I can reach there easily since I also have the skills to climb walls. The real problem is that...

[Epic rank - Newborn Falak dragon]

[Offspring of the Epic Rank Falak Dragon. Excels in speed and fast attacks. Also, have skills depending on the element of its mother. ????????????]

This is the problem, not only is it Epic rank which I don't know how high of rank that is. Its mother is an Epic rank Dragon. From my knowledge with games, Epic rank should be one of the highest ranks there is. That means that If I do anything to it, I will be chased by an Epic rank Dragon my whole life.

That is if I could even kill that Epic rank dragon. But I am not scared at all. I will go check the nest and plan a way to kill it.

Because even if I face the anger of some mother dragon, I am confident in my ability to escape.

And from the lizard, I saw a while ago. There are at least several Epic rank dragons in this dungeon, so I am sure that the mother dragon cannot roam so freely. It will be the end of me if all dragons are friendly with each other. But I'll rely on my gamer knowledge that they are not and make this puny dragon my prey hehehehe...

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