A Plan

I haven't thought about it seriously before because I was occupied with more important stuff but are Epic rank monsters that common? Aren't they supposed to be near impossible to find, more like whoever finds them doesn't live to tell the tale but I am now doubting whether Epic rank is that high of a rank at all?

In just one day, I came across two Epic rank monsters even though they were newborns they were still Real Epic rank monsters. Epic rank or not, it doesn't change the fact that I am going to kill that baby dragon today. No pain no gain as people use to say in my world or do I say my previous world?

Although I am worried there will be more pain than gain or quite possibly pain only, I was a person who lived for overpowered skills, I cannot live without having anything overpowered in my arsenal of skills or abilities. And one thing that could possibly give me something overpowered is killing an Epic rank monster, not just any monster but a Dragon.

Maybe a title like the Dragonslayer or a new class or evolution or an overpowered skill that could obliterate anything on its path. Maybe I am daydreaming too much but nonetheless, I want something strong or close to it and that's it.

People may call me weird or stupid but it is just how I am. I cannot stand being weak at all. Even in games, I used to play, I bought all the top-up available just to be op for 1 day and quit the game the next day.

Now that I think of my previous life, I wonder if everyone's alright, my memory, whenever I try to think of my previous life, becomes hazy and although I still have knowledge of it, I cannot voluntarily try to remember anything. Well enough of this topic, we have some dragon busting to do.

The dragons rule the sky and land with their mighty strength and magic prowess. No living being can question its existence or strength unless it's another dragon. But that doesn't scare me, I, the mighty imp will have to slay this puny dragon today.


Huff... I am too nervous. I overestimated myself, my hands shaking, I think of killing the dragon but my body is saying another thing. I am after all a human in an Imp's body.

Calm down, I can do this, calm down.


It's been 12hrs since I have been trying to settle down my nerves and fear. I am also starving and making myself more tired the more I stay like this. But I guess it was worth it for finally, I got something I could actually call op.

[Obtained skill-Calm down]

[Calm down- u calm down that is all]{unique}

Once I saw the orange colour on the spell all my fatigued and hunger were gone as if it was never been there. Ok, I was exaggerating there but it did relieve me a bit.

(Note: I will change the grading and ranks of the spell, monsters and class etc so that it will be easier to remember)

After using the skill I decided to hold off on fighting the dragon for another day, I have another goal, for now, that is to evolve. Also, I cannot fight the dragon while I am starving so I will gather essence and quench my hunger at the same time and evolve. Moreover evolving will give me a better chance as it will most likely make me stronger and I could possibly gain new skills.

Of course, I don't know how I will evolve but my 5head brain is telling me that as long as I have done all the available upgrades I would be able to evolve.


Species: Newborn Imp(4/5)


HP:70                CON: 5                (1 CON= 10HP)

DEF:23            DEX: 3                    (1DEX= 5 DEF)

ATK:13            STR: 3                    (1 STR= 3 ATK)

MP: 15            INT:3                      (1INT= 5MP)

[Skills: Absorb(C), Iron claw(UC), Play dead(UC), Stealth(R),Pierce(UC), Blackout(UC)]

                {System skill: Analyse(U)}

      {Unique EX Skill: Experience of Another life}

  {Reduce the MP cost of all skills and abilities to 1}

[Novice(N)>Common(C)>Uncommon(UC)>Rare(R)>Elite(E)>Mystery(M)> Unique(U)>Epic>Legend>Myth]

{Unique skill will be unique to 1 person only and no other person will be able to have the skill}

I only have 1 more upgrade that I can do and that will be pretty easy as long as I can find some easy prey. The only problem is the presence of an Epic-rank monster is deterring the other monsters from coming into my location. It is in a way a good thing but now that I want to find some monster to kill it is giving me a headache.

The only thing I can do is remember the place of my shelter and go out hunting. I will leave a trail from the shelter to where I am venturing, that way I don't lose my shelter and my chance to gain an op skill if I could perhaps kill that dragon.

Back into the hunt, I leave a trail every time I go into one of the tunnels of the dungeon. Now that I am fully rested I want to take advantage of it and hunt a new monster if not I could go back to hunting those lizards.

I have already spotted a few monsters on my way but I cannot take them on as they are staying in groups. No matter how brave or stupid I am, I cannot force myself to be gang-up by a group of monsters. The answer is to find one of them alone. Most monsters move in groups but there are obviously some that go alone. And after some more searching, I found what I was looking for.

[Vampire Rats(common)]

[Dwellers of the dungeon which feed on the blood of the monster. Thick fur, fast movement speed.]

Right now I am currently hanging exactly above the rat with my stealth skill on using my claws to grip on the wall of the dungeon. I don't have to think of any certain plan to kill the rat, I just jumped down from the wall and use pierce on its neck as I land on the back of the rat.


I did more damage than what my strength could diss out maybe because it was a weak point. That is most likely the reason.

[Attacks to weak points will deal 3 times the normal damage]

+10 exp

Well, that confirmed it.

Just as I thought it died instantly, even though it had thick fur I was sure my claws with pierce is enough to pass through it due to piercing having the property to ignore armour. It did not have that much health either since it died from just 41 damage. It must have had around 30 to 35 hp.

Time to get the essence. I use absorb on it and I do not in any way want to eat a rat but my stomach doesn't agree with me.

The rat is as big as me and will be enough to satisfy my hunger but I really don't want to it or eat any other monster raw. I need to find a way to make a fire or hopefully get a fire-based skill.

[Absorb complete-gained 20 essences]

Damn, I was hoping for it to be enough to get the upgrade since I got 100 essences from that lizard before but it seems like I have to really eat it now.

I separate the meat from its fur and take a chunk of meat from a region that looked tasty for no reason whatsoever and chomp.


[80 essences received]

[Consuming the same monster again will give you 10 essences only]

Hmm? This means that I need to find a new monster if I want to upgrade more after I evolve. Quite a troublesome thing. I was thinking of grinding the same monster once I get strong enough but I guess I will have to ditch that plan now.

Before I take the upgrade and evolve, I took whatever meat I could carry with me and followed the trail I left to head back to my shelter. I reached the shelter and looked to see if the baby dragon is around. I didn't notice before but I took a closer look at the nest from which the dragon came.

And I realized it was not a nest but an egg instead. It looked like a nest because the walls of the dungeon have somehow covered part of it.

This means that I have to speed up my plans or else the baby dragon will leave and my once-in-a-lifetime chance to become overpowered may be lost.

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