[Upgrading to Armoured skin]

Ughhhh!! I feel that I will have more chances of dying whenever I upgrade myself rather than from monsters!!

When will it not hurt every time I get an upgrade…. They have said in the past that great risk brings great reward and of course that is true. But I don't know whether it is worth it at all. I hoped to minimise as much risk as possible, circumstances have forced me into being aggressive and thankfully it has paid off!

[Condition for evolution not met]

Hmm? What? What am I missing here? Is that not the last upgrade I can take… let me check my status.


Species: Newborn Imp(4/5)


HP:70                CON: 5                (1 CON= 10HP)

DEF:23            DEX: 3                    (1DEX= 5 DEF)

ATK:13            STR: 3                    (1 STR= 3 ATK)

MP: 15            INT:3                      (1INT= 5MP)

[Skills: Absorb(C), Iron claw(UC), Play dead(UC), Stealth(R),Pierce(UC), Blackout(UC)]

                {System skill: Analyse(U)}

      {Unique EX Skill: Experience of Another life}

  {Reduce the MP cost of all skills and abilities to 1}

Ahh, now I realised what I was lacking. I still haven't reached the required level to evolve. That explains it and now I have more work to do and I have to do it fast.

I found the same rats I killed earlier and by repeating the way I killed the first rat, I was able to deal weak point damage by striking its head with piercing, however, I wasn't as quick and got a sticky goop fired on me.

I didn't know it could do that but it seems like it is just sticky and nothing else. I haven't suffered any damage aside from having to go through cleaning myself. The rat must have been on the lower or lowest of the food chain in the dungeon I guess. More like the monster u meet when u start a game on a beginner level.

Thankfully after consuming the rat which took a good while I was able to get 10 more essences and got the exp I needed to level up after killing one more rat.

[10 essences gained]

[10 essences gained]

+4 Exp

+4 Exp

After upgrading to the armoured body I had 50 essences left and with the two rats, I killed I have in total 70 essences.

[Absorb(C) > Absorb(UC)]

[Absorbing takes less time]

And I also got a bonus upgrade on one of my skills. All in all, it was a fruitful day and I really hope I can evolve now.

[You have reached Level 5, 1 stat point awarded]

[ You have reached the level cap, evolution tree available]


After all that work, I can finally evolve into a stronger being, although I don't mind being an imp it hurts my pride that I had to reside in such a weak body. Heheheheheh

Stop! Stop! Don't get distracted. Does it say I can view the evolution tree which means that I can perhaps choose how I want my evolution to go?

I also have to consider how long my evolution might take since the baby dragon can leave anytime and once it leaves I have no hope of even chasing after it.

[Would you like to use the Evolution men?]



Hey! Finally, the system gave me a compliment. It never did before as long as I remember. It hasn't been more than a week but all I heard from the system was just my progress not anything like this.

Well, the system must have finally noticed my might hehe after all I have survived in this hell for a long time!! A few days actually...

[Your evolution options are as follows:]

-          Imp

-          Lesser demon

Oh! Only two options? I don't have a lot of time here so hit me with the details system!

Okok... Analyze!

[Imp- an adult form of the newborn imp. Have higher base stats and 1 new skill – Hack]

[Lesser demon- lowest being of the demon race with the most number of evolution options. New skill- Enhanced]

Advancing to the imp will give me a better boost to my survival immediately, gaining stats and a new skill. But choosing the lesser demon will open the door to many evolutions and a way to become a top being in this damn world. It won't boost my survival chances in the short term but in the long term it may pay off huge dividends!

This could be the time to take a risk to seize the late game!

[Would you like to evolve to a Lesser demon?]


[All levels will be reset]

[Evolution to a new race will remove race-related skills of the previous race]


 Before I knew it my vision immediately goes black.

I don't know how much time had passed before I regain consciousness. Gradually my muddle thoughts begin to straighten themselves and my coordination and control of my body slowly returns.

I cannot waste any more time, the baby dragon may be gone for all I know!

As I navigate my way from the shelter to where the egg is I check my status.


Species: Lesser Demon(0/20){Uncommon}


HP:120         CON: 10              (1 CON= 10HP)

DEF:53         DEX:9                  (1DEX= 5 DEF)

ATK:25         STR:7                  (1 STR= 3 ATk)

MP: 20          INT:4                   (1INT= 5MP)

[Skills: Absorb(C), Stealth(R), Enhanced(R), Calm down(U)]

                {System skill: Analyse(U)}

      {Unique EX Skill: Experience of Another life}

  {Reduce the MP cost of all skills and abilities to 1}

[Enhanced(R) : strengthen any part of the body to boost its defence and strength]

Stat point:1

[Skill point have now integrated with essence]

[The only way for a demon to become stronger is to feast on prey]

What the hell is this? Did I lose all my skills? even though it wasn't much at least it kept me alive up to this point?

Although I gained a new skill I don't know whether it is any stronger than my previous skills as its rank is Rare.

And no more free skill points? Did I cuck myself by choosing the wrong option? Was I meant to choose imp after all?

Wheewww... Calm down.

My level also got downgraded to level one but my base stats is almost double what it used to be. This seems to be the only good thing that happened after I evolved. Where is the justice you damn system?!

Bitter feelings are rising in my heart as I survey my new status, I noticed the biggest upgrade I got was on my def. I don't know how DEF affects me but I hope it does what it says and makes me more sturdy.

Returning to level one may not be that bad since it means that I'll be able to level up again and increase my stats, which also means I'll gain more stat points as I level up.

I have 1 stat point available right now but I don't want to spend it yet. Now that I have evolved I can go look at the new skills that I can get using essences as the system robbed me of my skill points. But I decided to do it later as I knew already that I don't have enough essence to buy any skills.

Gradually I've regained full control of my new body as I reach the closest area from where I can see the egg.

Before I finally set out on my dragon-slaying mission I take a look at myself first. Human-like body but with reddish and brown skin with 5 fingers armed with menacing claws. I can also feel the muscles that are now packing my new body.

Taking a deep breath, I set out.

I can still be locked onto the ceiling of the dungeon as I used to and I make my way to the Giant egg of the dragon. The roof is sixty, maybe even seventy meters high, so I absolutely cannot afford to make a mistake or less I'll meet my end before I even fight the baby dragon. That will put me to so much shame I rather kill let myself be killed by a rat.

Enough stalling, I finally reached the egg. Standing on the place where the dungeon walls and the egg is connected I use my claws to grab hold of the edges of the egg to look inside of it.

There it is, I can see the beast that is sleeping right before my eyes. And it has solved the mystery of why the egg is so big while the baby dragon is small as me.

The egg is filled with liquid-like stuff that is acting as food for the dragon but is solid enough for the dragon to actually sleep on its surface. the dragon doesn't seem to be eating It through its mouth. It seems to be absorbing it through its body. This is the first time I have seen something magical. Which gives me the hope of having the ability to use magic myself.

I try to climb down but while doing so I chipped off a part of the egg as it fell into the liquid-like substance...


I obviously didn't expect it to make a sound like that.

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