Brightwing Empire, the other-worlders are all at the magic hall of the empire to find out their status and arts.

Anthony grabbed the hilt of the word as he chanted.

"status open!"

The next moment a video-game-like interface popped up in front of Anthony. It was big enough for the people in the room to see from a distance.


Name: Anthony marc


AGE: 18

Species: Human (Otherworlder)

Titles: Hero

Class: None

ART: Holy light User (ability to wield all holy magic. Holy and light magic increase levels more easily)

          Claymore Arts Lvl 1

          Hydro Arts Lvl 1 ( water)

          Pyro Arts Lvl 1 (fire )

          Geo Arts Lvl 1 (earth)

            Anemo Arts Lvl 1  (wind)


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