19: A Journey Long Since Begun

The old woman on the other side of the table tapped her pipe against her lips and gazed deeply into Keion’s eyes.

“Try to open yourself up to this. Hide nothing from me.”

Nodding once, Keion let his memories replay freely in his mind.

“I see you’ve been busy, young prince,” the healer commented. “Very busy.”

Not sure how to interpret her statement, Keion sighed, still feeling her treading carefully amidst his recollections. “Did I do something wrong?”

Kaliah reached out and took hold of his hand, and he felt nothing but immense love. His father’s hand was on his shoulder and he knew they both supported him, but the dreams and emotions that assailed him unbidden felt almost like a punishment.

“You are not being disciplined, but this will certainly be a significant test.”

The Hamadi’s waited for the old woman to explain further.

She reached over to the side of her desk for a small jar and took a pinch of the powder and pl

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