20: Different Fates

Ceanna fainted again during a conversation with Keion in the library.

Just before it happened, she had sensed a familiar feeling that had filled her stomach with terror. She was being watched, and the person was very unhappy.

Hunching her shoulders, Ceanna had tried to block out any conscious awareness of her grandmother’s presence and her growing ire. Reaching up to her throat, she’d sought to touch the necklace she wore every day for comfort.

Don’t you dare touch that while you are sitting next to that boy!

Flinching, her hand dropped back to her lap.

Keion paused and looked at her oddly. “Are you alright?”


“You just jumped.”

“Oh, I-I’m fine.”

What worried Ceanna was she had no idea what she had done to upset the woman so much. Was it just being in his presence? Surely not, because they had done this before.

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