14: Plucked Out of Obscurity

Ceanna couldn’t have known that this was what she’d been missing in advanced classes all this time. Sitting in the classroom's corner, where she had an excellent view of everyone else, she listened to their views about supreme legacy: what should be an heir’s right and what they should earn as with every other wolf. She tapped her converse sneaker on the floor and twirled a loose curl around her finger while a debate formed.

Zach, who she knew was the Model United Nations chairperson for their school, was leading the argument for fair treatment and insisting that all heirs to any rank should prove themselves worthy. Nancy, a nominee for class representative, claimed that the entire notion then negated the import and point of divine nomination and legacy being passed on as a birthright.

She was more inclined to agree with Nancy, but Ceanna felt like both sides of the argument lacked objectivity, which was ironic because they were both good friends with someone who exi

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