Chapter 44. Nanako Jimmu


The stench of rogues inching closer and closer to our border is nauseating, their putrid scent overruling everything. I can’t even smell the blossoming flowers in the bed next to me and my warriors.

The audacity to come even as close as they are coming now is surprising, as is the control in how they move. They move like a solid unit instead of the chaotic and wild runs they normally do, it’s concerning to say the least. It has me and everyone around me on high alert.

Brjent, Farkas and Emerson all stand beside me, all our eyes are trained on the edge of the forest. Sophia, Lilly and Johanna are working with the warriors in the village, on their way to protect vulnerable buildings like the packhouse and the hospital. I know I don’t need to worry about them, they are more than capable in handling themselves.

The rogues remain in the shadow of the forest though, like they are waiting for someone, waiting for an okay.

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