Chapter 45. Requiem for a dream 1


“I think I might have overdone it.” I stumble over my words and grab the coatrack beside the front door. The actions are too much and the world around me spins. Right before I fall down and everything turns dark, an arm wraps itself around me. “No shit Sherlock.” Is the last thing I hear before I pummel into the darkness.

Falling down the darkness morphs, stars and rays of color fill the space I fall through, until I have a sense of getting carried instead of falling. The rays of color slow down around me and I drop to a golden marble floor, hard. For a few seconds I just lay on the floor, sucking in much needed air and marveling over the space I am in. The walls around me are high and plastered with intricate, woven design of golden pipes. The ceiling is translucent, it shimmers and moves somehow. It’s beauty is exquisite.

My gaze falls on the tall redhead in the center of the room. He’s dressed in jeans and a green button down, sleeves rolled up. “T

Jaleesa Writes

Hey everyone, Sorry for the long wait, but the first half of november was a struggle. My laptop broke down and work was crazy as can be, but i'm back now and will try to update on a regular basis again. What do you guys think so far of the novel? And how about those Goddesses and their revelations!?! For updates and sneak previews go check out my I***m Jaleesawrites

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