Chapter 46. Requiem for a dream 2


I blink a few times, processing what she just said. “I can’t kill my mate, he’ll murder me before I have the chance.” My eyes dart between the three women, panic taking root in my gut. Selene squeezes my hand and a sense of calm comes over me. “You are a daughter of Hecate, Alexis is my daughter and Ingvar is one of the most powerful vampires that ever have walked the earth. I think you could do much more than just kill him if you want to. Besides, it not like you’ve marked him.” Selene shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly when she says the last part.

“I know, but still, I’m no murderer. I never killed anything, except for the occasional bunny when I let Alexis out on a run. And, aren’t all wolves your children?” I look at her quizzingly. A look crosses the three women their faces, like they find me cute and innocent.

“Do you really think that, because I think you were ready to kill to

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