Chapter 47. Even better then Spiderman


The sound of a wolf howling rings in my ears, or, not in my ears but in my head. “Wake up! Wake up you stupid!” Alexis paces through my head and another wolf howls again, it’s loud and whining. “Urgh, just let me sleep. Get him to shut up.” I groan. Him.. Oh fuck! It’s Diego and he sounds pissed as fuck.

My eyes flutter open, the room I’m in swirls around me and I have a tough time getting a sharp vision. My head feels like exploding and my body feels heavy and weak. The room is a mix of all types of scents and soft murmurs.

The warmth and the scent around me is more than just familiar, sweet cardamom, black pepper and cedar wood, Goddess it’s so good. “Mate.” I mutter, still dizzy and a bit sleep drunk. Until my foggy brain catches up with everything that’s happening.

I’m no longer in Olympus, I am back in the conference room and staring down on me is an incredibly angry Alpha. “What are you doing here? Why am I on top of this table?” My gaze

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Thank you for reading my novel so far! I plan on posting more regularly from now on and will be posting sneak previews on every chapter along with updates and other things on my I***m; Jaleesawrites

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