Chapter 4. Welcome to the pack!


I spend the rest of the afternoon with Jenna, Irina, Sergei and Anatoli, we stroll a bit through town and tell each other stories about home and life there. Sergei is a carpenter in their pack and Irina helps at the day-care, she truly is a kind-hearted girl. Jenna and Anatoli are pretty invested in themselves, I know my friend well enough to just let her do her thing. She likes to flirt and play a bit with whoever her victim is, woman or man there is no discrimination between those two genders. She is all for equal opportunities.

A few minutes before half past five we get back at the square. The tables and benches are still in place, where the big tables used to stand there is now wooden stage set up. It’s decorated with white, green and golden ribbons and in the middle stands a microphone.

I look around and see different food-stations lining up on the right side of the square, mouthwatering scents come drifting my way. Goddess I am hungry.

The place is buzzing with excitement, everybody is waiting for a peak of the family leading this pack. The Alpha hasn’t shown his face all day and the rumors are getting bigger and crazier with the hour. “Guys, come on. This table is still free.” I say and pull Irina next to me, in the short period of time I know her I really started to like her. She has a real way with words and her poetry is beautiful. We sit down at the table and are joined by two girls from France, my attention is pulled towards the stage and I don’t really listen to a word they say. I can hear some bustling in the background and for some reason I can feel Alexis getting really anxious. She is pacing back and forth in my mind and keeps looking at the stage and the pack-house. “Calm down Alex, you are making me uneasy.” “Well, that’s a bit hard when you are thinking about everything that is going to happen.” She mutters. “What Alex? What’s going to happen?” I groan, getting sick of the cryptic messages she keeps sending me. “I can’t tell, you have to find out by yourself. But things are going to start changing fast.” She sends me an apologetic smile and I know there is no use in pushing her further, she won’t budge.

A few minutes all the chatter quiets down and I see a young woman walk up the stage. “Wow, she is beautiful.” Irina murmurs and I have to say; she really is. Her skin has the color of honey, big dark eyes and her burgundy hair falls in waves down her back. She has a tall frame and wears a pure white dress that accentuates every curve she has. Every wolf instantly turns their attention to the magnificent woman standing on the stage.

“Welcome everyone!” She lets her eyes roam over the crowd and everyone is all ears. “I am Ximena DaSilva and I am your host this European Wolf Games. We of Lobo Furioso are extremely proud to take all of you into our pack for the time being. Our pack originated from Costa Rica as most of you know and we hold our old uses extremely high. That’s also why the games this year will be different then what you are used to. Each day will be a surprise, a challenge and an adventure! Learn new skills, meet new people and if you are lucky enough, you even find your Mate! Whatever these games will bring to you, you will return home a wiser wolf. Now let’s eat!” She claps her hands and leaves the stage. I wonder what she means with surprises and challenges. The games are normally about teamwork and athleticism but I have a feeling this year is much more than just that.

I turn to check on the others and what they make of this short and unsettling speech. Sergei and Irina are busy talking it through using their mind-link, Anatoli just got up to get some food. Jenna just sits there, on her face a look of shock and disbelieve. “What’s wrong babe?” I turn to her and stretch out to hold her hand. “She’s my Mate.” She murmurs. “She, she’s too perfect. Her scent is a mix of mango, strawberries and mint, her voice is smooth like silk and have you seen how she looks. She is like a goddess, how on earth is she going to even like me!” Jenna whimpers and I move to sit aside my friend.

“Babe, you don’t have anything to worry about. You are strong, independent, passionate and loyal beyond compare. You yourself look like African spring, you have the warmth of the sun in your skin and the cool of the ocean in your eyes. You will be a blessing to her life as you have been in mine.” I assure her and squeeze her hand gently. She visibly calms down. “Thank you. Just what I needed.” She murmurs before freezing over again and I look around what’s the cause.


“That stupid brother of mine and his stupid games, he wanted them than he can host them. I’m not his fucking assistant he can boss around.” I groan to myself. I really wasn’t feeling the whole ‘look and act nice’ thing we had to hold up, but I guess you don’t get to choose what you like when you are forced to move due to war. The European Council of Werewolves agreed to give us this big piece of land in the south of Spain in exchange for my brothers’ expertise in the extermination of vampires and his promise to host the European Wolf Games until he finds his Mate.

My brother did as they demanded from him and within the first two months we lived here he and our warriors expertly ridded the whole south of Spain of vampires. His hate against the species went deep, actually his hate for all other species except werewolves went deep. He believed due to power-hungry vampires and spiteful witches the world was out of balance, when actually everyone was to blame.

History always piqued my interest and I soon learned after our arrival in Spain the great disbalance we have in this world today started during the witch-hunts. Men and vampires reigned the cities, governments and large corporations, weres tended to the land and nature. Witches however fled their homeland and went towards North and South America, only to find out there their magic died out. I never read any explanation about why and how they lost their touch to magic, all I know is I feel sorry for them for loosing such an important part of themselves. The witches we had in Costa Rica were nothing like the great witches you read about in books, they practiced some form of black magic. They were dangerous and unpredictable, in touch with the darkest parts of their soul.

I look in the mirror and touch up my make up a bit. I take a step back and admire the woman that is staring back at me. “You look ravishing.” Xesara, my wolf, says affectionately and she is right. I mind-link my brother to let him know I am about to give the opening speech and ask him once again if he really doesn’t want to do the honors himself. He assures me he will be fine in his office and I will do perfect while giving my speech. “It will be good practice for when you are running your own pack as a Luna.” He chuckles.

I walk out my room and down the hallway towards the stairs. They lead to the center of our packhouse and from there it’s a straight and short walk to the stage. My heels make a tapping sound on the small bricks and I see our beta Poté hurrying towards me. “Ximena, everyone is ready for you. The microphone is on and if you need me, I will be right behind you.” He says and helps me up the small stairs, he is such a gentleman. I walk up to the microphone and just like he said, he is waiting right behind me.

The crowd in front of me quiets down the moment they see me getting up the stage, I let my eyes wander over them. “Welcome everyone!” I pause, a scent hitting my nose. Flowers and rain, whoever the scent belongs to, she smells amazing. Xesara pushes forward, hard. “Mate! She’s your Mate!” She screams and I have a hard time containing myself. Xesara pushes against my skin, urges us to find the woman that belongs to that delicious scent. “No, not yet. Calm down, we need to finish this damn speech first.” I chastise my wolf. Taking a deep breath through my mouth I realign myself and get on with my speech.

When I am finished with my speech I can feel Poté’s eyes on me, he must have sensed my inner struggle. “What’s up?” He asks. “I found my Mate, sort of, I smelled my Mate.” I say, careful not to reveal my preference for girls. I feel myself getting anxious now I said it aloud. “Well, what are you waiting for, get your ass on that square and sniff her out!” He chuckles and slams one of his giant hands on my back. “Wait, you know?” “Of course, I know. You never give any of the guys the light of day, women however get an appreciating look from you. Your brother on the other hand is oblivious to whatever your preferences are.” He squeezes my shoulder gently and pushes me towards the crowd on the square. “Thank you.” I say softly and with determination I walk up to the square.

I let my nose guide me as I am on the hunt for that heavenly mix of flowers and rain. “She smells just like a springs day.” Xesara purrs and I can’t agree more with her. I walk towards the middle of the square, it feels like I got all eyes on me but I don’t care. All I want is to find my Mate. Her scent getting stronger every step I take, it’s guiding me towards a table down the right-side of the aisle. I pause right behind the table I spot my Mate sitting at, she is gorgeous and all worked up. Her black curls fall down on her shoulders and the bright yellow t-shirt dress she is wearing make her look radiant. Her skin is the color smooth molten chocolate and her frame is small, I can’t wait to see what hides under that dress of hers.

I hear her hammering heartbeat and staggered breath, she is slowly losing it. Another female scootches over to my Mate and tries to wrap her arm around her. A possessive growl leaves my lips. “Mine.” I say with baring teeth. She quickly pulls back her arm and slides back in her seat.

My Mate turns around, shock clear in her eyes. As soon as she sees me, they soften and I let my eyes roam her face. She has gray/blueish eyes with long dark lashes, full round lips and a round facial structure. She looks just like she smells, she resembles spring to me. “Hey.” She says softly and looks up to me. She stands up to face me and I let my eyes drag over her body. She’s a bit shorter than I am and has long legs, a great waistline and firm breasts, goddess I could watch her all day.

I gently put my finger under her chin and make her look up to me. “Goddess she is beautiful.” Xesara murmurs as I marvel at the sparks that rush through my body. She sighs deeply, clearly relishing in the feeling I am giving her. “Hi.” She breaths and I see the longing in her eyes as they flicker from her normal gray-blueish color to a beautiful shade of brown from her wolf. “Hey.” I say softly. She steps closer to me, pushing her body against mine and smashes her soft lips on mine. I nearly lose it as her hands rake alongside my waist. Her lips move in perfect harmony with mine, I deepen the kiss and she moans softly into my mouth as I pull her hear a bit. Her taste and scent are intoxicating and the feel of her body against mine is enough to send heavy waves of arousal through my body. She pulls away panting, smiling up at me and a light blush spreads on my cheeks. What a woman!

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