Chapter 15. Long skirts and a dance


The next morning I wake up feeling satisfied, the hangover isn’t to bad and goddess Alexei really put his money where his mouth is. I blush as I remember how his hands raked my body and loved every curve of it. I take a quick, cold shower before my mind can take a turn for the worst and chuck on some ripped jeans and a green tank top.

I smear some mascara on my lashes and sprint downstair to find both Laura and Ben waiting for me. “Hey, where were you last night?” Ben quizzes. “Out dancing and drinking.” I say and dart out the door before he can give me a third-degree hearing.

I mind link Jenna on the way to the breakfast tables. “Babe, are you at the town square?” “Sure am, I’m sitting in the far-right corner! See you in a bit.” She closes the mind link and I hurry down to the town square.

I pick up something to eat and sit down next to Jenna. She is munching on some pancakes and smiles

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