Chapter 17. Dangerously close


I turn on my hind legs and mid stride tendrils of the fog lick and curl around my paws. The fog feels cold, so cold to my fur, it penetrates my muscles, reaches my bones. The temperature around me dropping as it crawls further and envelopes me. My muscles grow stiff and I loose feeling in them, I try to take another step but all I can do is groan and fall down.

Adriana violently trashes herself at the wall I use to block her out, screaming at me to let her through. But i can't, it hurts me to do this but I can’t have a repeat of what happened on the snowy mountain yesterday. “Keep it the fuck down!” I growl at her, pushing her back further and fortifying the wall even more.

The fog has me completely paralyzed, stealing my strength from me. I push and push, but it also somehow forms a mental blockage, no matter what I try I can’t form a single mind link to any of my pack mates or friends.

Fear starts creeping up on me, ragged breaths leave cloud

Jaleesa Writes

Hey! I'm sorry this chapter isn't as long as you are used to, it just didn't feel right to milk it out. I'm really curious though on what you all make of the creepy vampire guy and his relation to Adriana. For updates, sneak previews and more follow my I***gram Jaleesawrites

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