Chapter 9


I had just settled in my chair when my office phone rang. It was Louis.

"Sir, we have an emergency. One of our VIP clients is here to cancel our corporation. He said he can not work with the falling company and that.."

"Fuck! Where's Jared?" I cut him off and stood up. 

"I've already called him and he's on his way to the office. He was in the meeting with the production team." He said quickly.

I had no glue at what we were supposed to do from here. We couldn't afford losing one of the clients. And the VIP client to be exact. 

"Where's the client?" I asked massaging my very-sore neck.

"He's in the waiting room on the 22nd floor." He informed in a breathy tone.

"Okay send him up to the lounge!" I replied in a very defeated tone. We were fighting a very losing battle. We just lost our supplier and we haven't gotten any. Things were really not looking up. At all. We were failing miserably.

I walked out of my office towards the l


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Carla Price
Faith, you sneaky woman. I don't know if what she did counts as Reverse Psychology, but what she did worked. She is amazing.
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tell me please :)
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I can't help laughing wen calu is mentioned as cause of its meaning in one of the language I know. (-^〇^-)

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