Chapter 54


The day of the press conference rolled on quickly, and soon, my guys and I were crowded in the limo as it stretched to the office. I had everything I needed for this day and I was ready to get over with all this shit once and for all. My guys were fidgety and I had to kiss Jay to oblivion to stop him from pacing up and down in the morning! As for Tiger, he was very calm, as always. Poised and elegant and majestic!

The limo stretched outside C&S office building and OH! MY! GOD! It was bustling! Millions and thousands of reporters had swarmed along for the press conference. Bits of sweat broke from my skin as they all spotted the limo and rushed to it, already firing us with questions and clicking pictures; even before the doors were open.

All of a sudden, Tiger’s face became hard and Jared made that silly thing he always did every time he got overwhelmed. He kind of puffs his mouth, and then roll his arms, from the elbow outward until he feels alr

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Adedayo Balogun
Wow! Beautiful beautiful beautiful
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Nora Giscombe Trum
I love this book and the characters. I have been so happy the last few day getting new chapters I can not wait to see what happens next.
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Paul Uchechukwu
wow ...... this is bomb

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