Chapter 56


When all was said and done, I drove my beautiful family of three to the doctor’s appointment. No words on this earth or above were befitting or intense enough to describe how I felt inside. Fulfilled, complete, genuinely happy; heck! Even Shakespeare had no words to describe how I felt. I was alive, more than I have ever been in years!

And the thought that we were going to scan, our very first ultrasound scan with our little baby mama, good heavens; life has never done me this good!

Of all the things that came with Lloyd’s catastrophe, Faith’s pregnancy was the best ever! I had never expected neither have I ever dreamed that at our lowest point of life, this beautiful angel would give us a reason to fight and live. Now we didn’t just live for C&S and power, we had our family to live for. We had our girl to live for. We had a baby to live for! Maybe two. Goodness imagine if it were twins! Two beautiful babies that look like their

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Comments (3)
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Louise Zelda Williams
One is going to look like tiger and the other is going to look like lil panther. Fraternal twins. How awesome
goodnovel comment avatar
Elvira Adams
I'm so happy for them can't wait to see the boys handle her mood swings......
goodnovel comment avatar
Nora Giscombe Trum
love this chapter...warm fuzzies

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