Chapter 59


“You guys are supposed to be here in 20 minutes. If not, I swear I am going to cut your balls and Faith will kill me because I maimed her favorite part of you!” Trinity fired in the phone; I had to remove the phone from my ear because she was just so loud!

“Alright alright. We will be there. But Faith is so slow. So we can’t move fast because of her!” I defended trying to shift the blame to Faith. At least she was in Trinity’s good books, unlike us who were rubbed off as soon as Faith popped up in the picture. Since the day we took her to my home, my folks were over obsessed with her. Hardin and I mattered no more. Their whole life revolved around Faith and her only. If she fell ill, like catch some cold or stomach flu, my parents would be at my front door in a split second; then go ahead and blame us for not taking care of their “little girl”! Apparently, Faith got ill because we didn’t give her time to rest;

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goodnovel comment avatar
Reminds me of “dime novel” books that I read as a high schooler. Thank you for keeping this short, steamy and modern. Good job!
goodnovel comment avatar
Nora Giscombe Trum
I am so glad they are having one of each...
goodnovel comment avatar
Elvira Adams
I'm so happy for them...

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