The advanced airship succeeded in infiltrating inside the Necromancy domain that the Necromancy alliance was famed for without triggering any alarms.

This was a sign of a good omen towards the overall mission.

None of the warriors that were recruited into the vanguard team cheered though, this was because they knew that this was just the calm before the storm.

This act that they just started was an act of war!

Inside the necromancy domain was like a dark endless void filled with chaotic space that kept on ravaging through anything that they could devour.

It was now night, but the effects of the night here were amplified several folds. The extreme darkness, gloominess, and absolute silence gave this region the spookiest attribute that it could afford.

This strange vacant void seemed spooky, but not to the warriors that came for this mission who were all battle-hardened veterans.

None of them were flustered, they kn


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