Perhaps, Gorge Dame was right, this was indeed the end of the world!

The Pharoah’s declaration of conquer was what flipped the delicate balance, Beiger planet was plunged into a world war after years of fairly stable development.

As soon as Pharoah Khufu declared conquer, it was like an authoritative galaxy-wide order was given. All the undead beasts who answered to this ancient Pharoah listened and acted when he spoke.

The pyramid opened up into individual triangular shuttles after the order, these shuttles turned into superspeed ferries to transport an endless army of undead creatures to all corners of Beiger planet.

Beiger planet faced its greatest test of destruction yet.

Faced against this predator of planets, Beiger planet faced a challenge where they had to rally their full strength just to present the most basic resistance.

Faced against a common enemy that could annihilate all life from the planet, all political inclinations w


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