Only 13% of the human population was left on Beiger planet, this was why the Suicide Squad was tasked to achieve the impossible since the impossible was the only achievement that could turn the tides of this war.

Donning a special Pugilist armor that was made to fit his physique, and to enhance his Pugilist energy and endurance in battle, Morales was more than ready to take on this impossible mission.

As one of the 3 Grade C- experts of this Suicide Squad, he had 1/3rd overall authority over any decision-making of the squad.

As soon as they went deep inside the pyramid enough, and the number of zombies and other undead creatures swarming towards them started becoming too much, Morales gave a suggestion.

“Let’s separate!”

Morales could boast of being the warrior with the most knowledge about this Pyramid. Putting aside its deliberate model after earth’s pyramid of Giza, this was a battlefield where he had farmed for experience points like a man


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