When only less than 8% of the human population were left alive on Beiger planet, King Morales Clifford stood up to the challenge and rescued humanity!

The clips were viral all across the planet after all the undead creatures that were terrorizing the biggest armies of the planets disappeared at the same time.

The heroic battle of the new King could never be forgotten.

Though the Pyramid was locked from the outside world when Morales was engaged in his epoch-changing battle against the Medusa and the mummified monster, there were countless experts who could recreate the scene.

By recreating the scene, not only did the surviving humans know who rescued them, they saw it in the most impressive fashion possible.

Once all the undead creatures disappeared like they were mere illusions, a much sought-after peace finally came unto Beiger planet.

The next day after the final battle, the Vice Pirate Admiral who was once an outcast became a legen


What a midly long journey, it finally ends. Though the end feels fast, I hope it met your expectations, thanks for reading my book.

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Ryan Weisgerber
I certainly hope you have another book coming following this one about the damnation system?
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