“It’s a good thing that he is awake, he’ll witness his execution clearly that way. The 2nd dungeon protector, Mr. Claw, said that the big boss is not coming over again, so there’s no need in keeping him alive”.

“I love it this way. I like it more when they are alive to beg me before their death”. A deep voice echoed across the small dungeon room as a burly-figured man confidently stepped in.

           On hearing these ominous words as soon as the dungeon protector came, Morales’s heart almost leaped out through his throat while his countenance dropped a bit.

           “Really?? Can any nice words even come out of your big mouth?” He secretly cursed as he finally took in the figure of the man that was before him.

           With just one look, he immediately identified the man’s race. He was a barbarian, and probably a sword-wielding one from the weapon strapped to his waist.

           With his bulging muscles and large biceps like those of an ape and his messed-up facial expressions, it was not hard to guess the man’s main race. Only the brainless barbarians train to make themselves look so f**ked up.

           Morales tried hard to behave like someone in pain, though the pain from all the torturing already subsided a bit. From his newly gained memory, this was the gang leader that tortured him the most.

           The dungeon protector just kept on staring at him with a surprisingly shrewd and dangerous grin on his face, like he was looking for something beyond the normal.

Morales did not know why, but he suddenly shuddered a bit on seeing this as he subconsciously tightened his legs.

Seeing this, the dungeon protector grinned wider, making his already scar-filled face look uglier. After this, he finally turned to walk away. As he left, he gave a new order to his subordinates.

           “Be prepared and watch him closely. Though he is just a spoilt brat, I don’t want any complications to arise. The big boss would just roast us alive if that happens”.

As he said the last part where he mentioned the big boss, his heart tightened a bit as the fiery, breath-taking but dangerous figure of their fair-skinned big boss flashed past his head.

“Bring him out to the execution ground in an hour. I need to set things up there first. The head dungeon protector will be there, so I have to make it bloodier and more exciting to please her”.

           “Yes, protector Davis”. The 5 thugs equally replied with fawning tones as the dungeon protector quickly left the room.

           They looked at this spoiled brat again with pity and mockery expressions on their faces before they finally turned to go back to their posts outside the dungeon room.

           As soon as they left, Morales’s tense suspended heart finally dropped and calmed down again as he rapidly started accessing his situation.

           He was anxious as he would have definitely died if these thugs just decided to kill him then. His current strength was just too weak to influence anything.

           Through his interface, he secretly threw a detect level at the thugs when they were still with him. Through it, he knew that the 5 guards outside were only sub-class holders.

They were low-level human agents.

They don’t have a main class, so their strength is weaker than main class holders. Despite this, they were still stronger than him that was only level 5 and also didn’t have a main class.

And unlike them, his was not a combat sub-class, it was a freaking young lord. They were all level 6, with an average of 120 health each.

Because his sub-class was a non-combat one, that was why it is level 10 while his overall level is level 5.

Unlike combat sub-classes which growth is uniform with the overall level, 2 levels for non-combat sub-classes only give a level for the overall level. That meant the conversion rate between both is 2 to 1.

The main reason why he was anxious was the dungeon protector’s strength. He was a main class holder and he was already level 25 with over 500 health points. The difference in their attributes was what really worried him. 

           Since he transmigrated here, he was still internalizing the information that was sent to his brain. He heaved a sigh of relief as the throbbing pain in his head from the transfer of information finally subsided.

           “What?? That Clifford family?” He suddenly gasped in shock as he finally comprehended one of the vital information that he longed to know.

           The owner of this body had the same name as him. He was curious to know which family he came from and why he attracted thugs to kidnap him, but he would have never expected this brat to be a descendant of the legendary Clifford dynasty.

           Space World was created after Galaxy as the main motive of the developers was to create a better world environment to trump that of their predecessors.

           Though it was better, most of the perks, world background, structure, and everything were just like in Galaxy.

           The great Clifford dynasty started from the small Clifford family. One man, through his strength, led his family to become a fierce super dynasty to compete for the ruling position with the 3 universal civilizations in the game.

           Though he died in the end, his power was the real deal. He was wildly recognized as the greatest pugilist to ever live in the game.

           All this information, Morales knew through the game. After internalizing everything, his eyes lit up as he suddenly discovered that his situation was not as hopeless as it seemed.

           As the father of pugilists, all the descendants of the great Clifford had the pugilist talent running through them. This meant that unlike others, he did not need a special medium to get a main class.

           He immediately went to work on it as he started practicing a technique that he got from the transferred memory.


           After over 40 minutes of silent meditation and practice, a change finally emerged in his body. This was the pugilist way of training; they could not advance by reading books and spells like mechanics or mages.

           He felt a cool feeling flow through his body, into his veins and his bones, before finally coming to his brain. As he felt this, his interface suddenly lit up again.


           You have comprehended and completed one session of basic self-learning of the pugilist system.

[Body Manipulation] has progressed by 3%.

[+5% progress speed based on your strength and endurance]


Morales was overjoyed on seeing this. Though he barely understood what was happening, he knew that he was making progress from this.

He tried to make himself more comfortable on the chair as he intensified his efforts to do whatever he was doing. He didn’t have the luxury to take his time, his murderers were coming in about a few minutes.

As he intensified his effort and focus, the interface diligently notified him of his progress.


[Body Manipulation]

           Progress rate: 15%


           Progress rate: 65%


           Sweat slowly started dripping down his body as the silence prevailed, making the small dungeon room seem like a graveyard projected from an award-winning horror movie.

After minutes that seemed like forever to him, he finally saw the notification that he was looking for.


           [Body Manipulation]

           Progress rate: 100%

           You have learned basic knowledge of the pugilist system, unlocking the pugilist talent tree.

           You have unlocked a new profession:

           [Pugilist- Novice]

           STR +10, INT +1, END +2, DEX +2

           You have gained 2 free attribute points.

           You have gained 2 talent points.

           You have acquired new skills:

           [Pugilist- Novice]

           [Basic Energy Control]

           [Basic Body Control]


           His frail figure jerked a bit on the torture chair as he felt a cool feeling of strength enter his body. He felt like he could understand and control his body better now as the still lingering pains from the torture disappeared.

           His brain felt like it was a computer storage system as the knowledge of the body manipulation he just learned settled on it. He was surprised, he could actually learn for real here.

           This verified the notion that he actually transmigrated as a human now, not a player anymore. No wonder he was indicated as an NPC on the interface.

           As he thought, the interface lit up again.


           Name: Morales Clifford

           Race: Human/?

           Model: NPC

           Level: 6

           Experience: 42

           Main Class: Pugilist [Novice]- Lv. 1 [0/200]

           Sub-Class: Young Lord- Lv. 10 [Limit of sub-class reached, cannot be levelled up again]

           Attributes: STR 15, DEX 4, END 5, INT 4, CHA 10, LUCK 2

           Free attribute points: 2

           Energy: 13/20[Lv. 1]

           Energy rank: 1-2

           Lv. 1 [13]- [STR +2, DEX +1, END +1, MAX STAMINA +15]

           Grade: F [Normal Human]

           [You’re slightly stronger, but overall, still a spoiled brat]

           Passive Abilities:

           - Low-level overwhelming charisma: +10% to charisma and all charisma-related abilities.

           - The descendant of Clifford: +2% increase to all pugilist abilities. This ability can be increased by accomplishing specific tasks.


           [Pugilist- Novice]

           Lv. 1 [0/1000]- Increases mastery, control, and learning speed of pugilist’s fighting abilities.

           [Basic Energy Control]

           Lv. 1 [0/800]- Able to control and regulate the circulation of internal energy.

           [Basic Body Control]

           Lv. 1 [0/800]- Able to control body movement and internal regulation better.

           Class Talents:

           - Body: Body manipulation Lv. 1 [19 talents not learnt]

           - Energy: [10 talents not learnt]

           - Cells: [15 talents not learnt]

           Renown: 0

           Legend: 0

           Equipment: None


           For the attribute stats, strength naturally improved damage and the degree of power exerted. Dexterity improved movement speed, attack speed, and reaction time.

Endurance improved health, energy, stamina, and physical resistance. 1 Endurance gave 10 HP and 10 Energy. It also affected recovery speed from injury and also energy recovery speed.

Intelligence affected growth rates and mental resistance. It determined how fast a super can learn abilities and skills, so it was indispensable to all the classes.

Charisma affects how attractive you look to others. This brought a serious question for Morales.

What was the original owner of his body doing that he had such a high charisma while his other attributes were so low? The only original passive ability of the body was also to boost charisma. What the hell?

And the body’s stamina was not even full. “What was he doing?” He shuddered at the thought before quickly removing his mind from it.

He had other more important things pressing. It was 1 hour already, the time for his execution was now. His only relief was that, at least now he had more strength to resist.

Clang!! The iron doors opened, making rough metallic noise as the 5 thugs came in to carry him away.

“Bring it on”. Seeing this, he calmed his mind as all his muscles contracted a bit before relaxing the next second. He was ready.

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