Morales entered a strangely steady and peaceful mood as the 5 thugs entered the room orderly with a cold expression on their faces. They already saw him as a dead man, so there was no need in communicating again.

Clang!! With loud metallic ringing sounds, the heavy steel restraints were finally removed from his hand.

As soon as the restraints were removed, he finally felt the familiar feeling of freedom. He felt like invisible shackles were just removed from his body.

“Hehe, what a pity. We would not have another toy to play with for a while, this one would become blood and meat very soon”. One of the thugs mocked, causing the others to erupt in laughter.

Though they laughed, this did not disrupt their movements as they reached his side in an instant.

They quickly yanked him up before turning to lead him away. The first 3 thugs took the front, while the remaining 2 who held him trailed behind. As they escorted him confidently, he finally made his move.

This was one of the perfect scenarios that he hoped for to increase his success rate. With 3 of them at the front, he could quickly take care of the two who held him and still have time to react to any unexpected complications.

Whoosh!! With a shake of his shoulders, his elbow suddenly launched backward fiercely at the thug who was holding him on the right.

As the thug was slightly behind him, the elbow hit his chest squarely with fierce momentum. He coughed out blood as his chest caved in a bit like a hammered shrimp while the force pushed him backward.


Critical Hit

You successfully launched a critical strike, your attack dealt 20% more damage.

Your target has been inflicted with the stunned status



As the thug staggered backward like a drunkard, Morales’s hand moved extremely fast, drawing out the 2 daggers that were strapped to the side of his waists out.

This was his real target from the beginning. No matter how much strength he got during this hour, fighting without a weapon was something that he did not want to experience.

Before the other thug that held him on the left could react, his hand already stabbed outwards as the dagger firmly impaled the agent’s heart with frightening precision.

Ptui!! The dagger easily pierced through, killing the agent immediately. The other 3 thugs at the front finally noticed the commotion as they hastily turned around while reflexively groping around for their guns.

Seeing this, Morales suddenly felt a strange feeling of concentration take over him as his surrounding now felt like it was being played in slow motion.

He needed to act fast because if a gun was shot, his escape would become a lot more complicated.

Everything around him started being displayed in 3d lines, making his sight and hearing senses keener as he acted immediately.


Adrenaline Rush

You fulfilled the conditions and successfully activated innate ability, adrenaline rush. +10% increase to all attributes for 30 seconds.


The sudden activation of this hidden innate skill was a surprise boon to him. But this could only happen as a result of his many experiences in the game.

As he was a veteran who knew most, if not all the main skills of the various classes. He knew the moves that had a certain small percentage of activating a hidden ability.

The other reason for his smooth moves was his identity as a retired soldier. His military skills were not completely useless in the game, they still had some practical uses.

His brain quickly calculated and analyzed the situation before arriving at the right method to remedy it immediately.

He grabbed the metallic reinforced torture chair that he was originally restrained to and smashed it at the still staggering stunned thug behind him.



Overwhelming Might

You have 15 strength [+8.5 strength from wielding metal chair and adrenaline rush. The target has 10 strength.

As you have over twice as much strength as your target, your attack dealt 50% more damage.

You have killed a guard of a secret underground dungeon, gaining 320 experience.


After doing this, he quickly turned and leaped back at the 3 remaining thugs who were already at the end phase of pulling out their guns.

The 3 thugs were horrified from seeing their comrades die so easily to this spoiled brat as they hastily tried to physically resist and restrain him before they could shoot their guns.

They tried; it was just unfortunate that Morales had significantly higher dexterity which meant, there was hardly any suspense.

His figure blurred and reached their position in a second as he kicked the gun away from the first agent’s hand while lunging forward at the second one to tackle him down.

The tackled thug tried to resist but he was crushed from the huge attributes difference immediately.

After knocking him down, Morales reversed his grip on the daggers as they stabbed deeply into both ends of this unfortunate fellow’s neck.

After killing his 3rd target, his leg launched forward as he performed a whirlwind kick at the fourth thug that already cocked his gun.

Bam!! The thug staggered backward from the force as his grip on his gun wobbled a bit, but he still firmly held to it. He stood in a daze as the force of the kick disoriented his brain immensely.

Morales took hold of this opportunity. Leaving his now dazed target, he circled behind the agent who he kicked first.

The agent already rushed to pick his gun back up, but on turning back he could no longer see his opponent. He suddenly stiffened as he felt a sharp pang of pain strike from his back.

Morales stabbed his first dagger into his target’s spine, killing his nervous system immediately before using his other hand to cover the thug’s mouth. Blood blossomed as his dagger ruthlessly severed his target’s throat.


Critical Hit: -69

Critical Hit: -105

Active Skill- Beheading

[You used a normal attack to imitate the beheading skill.]

Unlocking Skill: Learning progress rate [+2%]

You have killed a guard of a secret underground dungeon, gaining 320 experience.


This move was overkill on his part as the damage dealt was far more than the health points of his target.

He didn’t do it for the damage though, he did it to learn the original skill. This was just an imitation, so the strength was unlike the real deal.

In Space World, if you know a move but you don’t have it as a skill. You can slowly learn it as a skill by repeatedly performing it, it will be recorded as you learning it.

After completing the learning, then you can activate it by spending experience points. This was where his experience as a soldier came to play.

After he finished up his 4th opponent, he finally turned to face the last hurdle. To his bad luck, the agent already stabilized himself as he kept a steady aim at him, ready to open fire at any moment.

Seeing this, he felt sour as his stealth act would be revealed if a gunshot sound echoed out.

As he just stood looking at the sweating agent, an idea suddenly flashed past his mind. He acted on it immediately as anything was better than nothing.

His face suddenly bloomed into a wide flirtatious smile as his white teeth sparkled from the light illumination. The agent was startled on seeing this, making him suddenly stiffen.

This hesitation cost his life as Morales threw both his daggers out immediately. The daggers stabbed his opponent’s throat, snuffing the remaining life out of him.

The agent jerked and convulsed before falling down with a loud thud. His neck was destroyed and mangled like a bunch of smashed tomatoes.

Though Morales was happy at the result of the small battle, his face could not help but blush and go red as the interface prompted him with another notification.


Low-Level Charisma

Passive skill’s effect temporarily increased due to lewd smile. [+15% increase to charisma]

Duration: 15 seconds


“F**k, did I just kill somebody by smiling sexily? So shameful, I’m a man for God’s sake”. He cursed as his originally thick skin could not take this in calmly at all.

Well, he had more important things to care about so he didn’t fuss about this again. After looting the thugs of their guns, small range bombs, and daggers, he finally gave attention to checking their stats.


Medium Sized Tactical Knives

Grade: Average

Base stats:

- Damage: 13- 25

- Defense: 8- 15

- Power level: 16

- Durability: 65/70

Equip Requirement: 8 STR

Stat Bonus: +2 DEX

Additional Bonus: +1 STR


Desert Eagle

Grade: Average

Base stats:

-         Damage: 25- 37

-         Fire Rate: 1/s

-         Magazine Capacity: 8

-         Range: 50m range

-         Power Level: 20

-         Durability: 80/100

-         Stat bonus: +1 INT

-         Additional Effects: +1% critical hit rate


D-59 Grenades- Small range

Power Level: 30

Deals 34- 60 damage in a 15-meter radius. Has a chance to inflict bonus damage.

Additional Effect: Burn [5% chance to inflict targets with burn status which would make them receive 3 damage each second for 10 seconds]


“Nice, such fine goodies. The tactical knives actually have a stat bonus of +2 dexterity, no wonder I was able to activate adrenaline rush so easily”. He was overjoyed on seeing these stats.

Though these weapons were not exceptional in any regard, especially the desert eagle, anything is better than nothing. A beggar was not a chooser after all.

Though he felt compelled to curse that what could a 1% increase in critical hit rate affect, he knew he had to lower his expectations for these lowly guards.

After settling everything, he changed into the guard uniform of one of the agents that looked the cleanest, donned his cap before moving outside the dungeon room.

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