As soon as Morales came outside the small dungeon room, he immediately deduced that he was standing in a long corridor. The room where he was held was at the very end of the corridor.

           Through the light illumination, he noticed that the corridor stretched roughly to both sides like the internal belly of a dead anaconda.

           After observing his surrounding for a short moment without making it too obvious, he closed the door naturally like nothing was wrong. He started moving forward as smoothly as he could.

           He took all these counter-measures because he found out that security cameras were placed on both ends of the corridor.

           As he moved forward, he was surprised as he saw other prisoners who were held in this dungeon just like him. It seemed that he was the special one as all the other prisoners were held in a large row of regular dungeon cages.

           He was even more surprised as 3 of the prisoners he just passed were actually powerhouses above level 15. These were powerful forces if rallied together for an escape attempt.

           He was tempted to free them, but he did not as he was more confident in escaping alone. Setting others free would make his escape more chaotic.

           He did not know why but as he left, this dungeon looked more and more familiar to him. His brain could not pinpoint it exactly before he reached the gate leading outside the corridor.

           “Why are you coming alone? Where are the others?” The 2 agents stationed at the small gate asked him with a frown as they looked behind him but couldn’t see the others that he came with.

           “Open the gate for me, they are trying to secure the life of the execution target. I want to get a healer immediately, he tried to commit suicide”.

“The head protector would not be happy if she discovers that the young lord died in her absence because you people refused to let me call a healer”. As Morales replied to them, he shifted a little from the angle of the security camera.

Though the 2 agents felt that his voice sounded unfamiliar, they were not sure as only the leader of the 5 agents assigned to watch the young lord originally communicated with them.

They glowered a bit on hearing him threaten them, but they still stood up to open the gate. The name of the head dungeon protector was something terrifying to them.

As the first agent opened the gate with the key while the other one slowly applied force to drag it open, Morales finally acted.

His 2 daggers stabbed out like vipers, overwhelming and pinning his 2 targets to the metal gate. Though all the innate skill enhancements of the previous battle were gone, he still had the upper hand.

Hidden innate skills like adrenaline rush would reset when the user is out of combat. He knew all these rules, so he was prepared.




Critical Hit -80

Critical Hit -93

Your target is in a weak state and under the bleeding status due to receiving multiple hits.

You have killed a guard of a secret underground dungeon, gaining 360 experience.

You have killed a guard of a secret underground dungeon, gaining 360 experience.


His interface lit up like crazy as his daggers stabbed at the 2 agents repeatedly in a blur, leaving their bodies full of holes like a sieve.

From the amount of experience that he received from this kill, he deduced that these 2 agents were stronger than the previous 5.

He disposed of the 2 agents’ 150 plus life in less than a second before quickly opening the gate and dragging their bodies to a place where the cameras could not reach.

After doing this, he patted his clothes calmly to remove any stains as the camera finally turned back to his angle. Not seeing anything suspicious, it moved on to another angle.

           He heaved a sigh of relief as he finally turned to go. Before he could place a leg out, his eyes suddenly twitched as he felt someone staring at him. He turned and saw the prisoner on the dungeon cage closest to him staring at him.

           He was shocked and alarmed; he didn’t know what to do. People in the dungeon cages were not supposed to see outside as inside was filled with blinding magic power, this man was surely special.

In the end, his panic was without basis. He didn’t even have to do anything as the man just nodded at him, indicating that he was free to escape.

           He made a thank you sign with his hand to the man before turning to leave. As he left, his heart was filled with shock because of the information that his interface just displayed to him.


           Name: Dungeon Prisoner

Level: ???

           Health: ???

Main Class: Esper


This man’s level and health points were actually all shown as question marks. This was all his interface could show him, which meant that this man was miles stronger than him.

“Is he already a grade E superhuman? How can someone so strong be restrained in this dungeon?” He was shocked, prompting him to analyze the reason for the man being here.

He could not come to a quick verdict, so he just forgot it as he had more important things to do.

On arriving outside the gate, he was stunned as he finally knew why this place looked familiar.

“I actually transmigrated to the dungeon of madness!” He was shocked as he took in the familiar sight before him.

This dungeon originally didn’t have a name, but the players named it the dungeon of madness because of its random characteristics.

According to some players, the owner of the dungeon was so strong that she had a lot of strong subordinates following her.

Because of this, player guilds could not get real winning strategies to clear it as the final boss of the dungeon is always different every time.

Though this place was a dangerous dungeon to the current him, Morales heaved a sigh of relief as this was familiar territory.

“Hey, you, why are you just standing there? Where are your fellow agents?” One man playing cards at a table with some others suddenly asked him this, drawing the attention of everyone in the dungeon hall.

Morales didn’t answer, instead, he turned to move directly to the exit direction that he remembered. He moved faster as after checking through his interface, he knew that this man was an elite agent.

“Hey, I’m talking to you. Come here, now!!” The man said with a more authoritative and irritated tone while standing up to emphasize his point.

Seeing this, Morales suddenly went on the run as his figure moved swiftly across the large hall like an Olympic gold medalist. All the nearby dungeon thugs and agents reacted immediately as they tried to intercept him.

2 agents quickly appeared on his path, wielding their daggers with a sinister expression on their faces. Before they even blocked his path fully, his knee already flew at the closest one.

Crack!! The sound of bone cracking echoed out as this agent’s expression turned purple from pain. With another smooth move, Morales unsheathed his dagger and cut across, slashing the bent throat of his opponent.


Bone Crusher

Your strength is twice as much as your opponent's and you successfully broke the rib bones of your opponent. +5% attack speed for 10 seconds.

Skill activated: Basic Combat

Progress rate: 2.5%

[After repeatedly flexing your muscles against opponents, you successfully grasped the basics of martial combat. Continue fighting to increase progress rate.]

You have killed a guard of a secret underground dungeon, gaining 320 experience.


Morales wanted to run away but the sudden activation of the bone crusher hidden skill encouraged him to kill the other guard facing him.

With his increased attack speed, his opponent could not even see him when he attacked at all. With 3 smooth cuts, he beheaded his opponent before picking up speed again to his intended destination.

As he ran, he suddenly grimaced before twisting his body to the side. His face grew pale as with a gunshot sound reverberating, pain erupted from his back spine.



You have been shot by a Magnum 360 pistol.

You have been affected by the bleeding status. You will lose 1 HP for the next 10 seconds, bandage the injury to curb this effect.


Gritting his teeth, Morales ignored the pain as he took 2 more steps forward before jumping into a hole that was at the corner, leading him further down to the direction that he aimed to go.

The elite agent finally took this rogue seriously, that was why he brought his gun out after seeing how he easily dispatched 2 of their agents in seconds.

On seeing that instead of going up where the exit door is, he went down instead, he could not help but laugh coldly.

“You just signed your death warrant”. He muttered with a cold and ruthless expression on his face before leading his subordinate elite agents to go in pursuit.

His subordinates suggested that they should be prudent and inform the dungeon protector, but he refused, saying that his strength was enough.

Hearing this, they no longer fretted as they all trusted their leader’s strength, they were just trying to be cautious.

After jumping through the hole, Morales heaved a sigh of relief as he finally landed on the metal floor with a thud sound. On seeing the familiar unkept bunker, a smile appeared on his face despite the searing pain on his back.

As he staggered up to move away, a notification suddenly appeared on his interface.


E-Class Quest activated: Escape

You are in the last phase of escaping this dungeon, but you have terrible enemies going after you. A team of 5 elite agents is going after you. Survive their assault and escape from the dungeon.

Reward: 10,000 experience



Seeing this, Morales’s face grew grave as this meant that the elite agents were coming after him. He consoled himself with the fact that it was not the dungeon protector before increasing his pace forward.

Before increasing his pace, he did not forget to accept the mission. That was important as 10,000 experience could do him a lot of good at his current level.

Thud!! Consecutive landing sounds echoed around the tight bunker, indicating the arrival of the elite agents as Morales rolled behind a batch of dust-laden military supplies immediately.

As the light shining here was fairly dim, it was a little to his advantage. He slowly brought out the gun that he looted while making sure to remain still and listen for any movement.

As he did this, he used all his accumulated experience from the previous kills to level up his main class. He needed all the strength that he could get, these elites were not beans like the regular agents he killed.

[I hope you're enjoying this, thanks for reading.]

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