From the 9 agents that Morales killed to forge his way here, he got a total of 2960 experience from them. He channeled them all to level up. As he did not have an active pugilist skill yet, he would make up for it with superior attributes.


Pugilist [Novice] has been raised to level 2

+10 Energy, +1 STR, +1 END

+2 free attribute points

+1 talent point

Pugilist [Novice] has been raised to level 5

+10 Energy, +1 STR, +1 END

+2 free attribute points

+1 talent point


It cost him 3000 experience to level his main class up to level 5 as experience required to level up doubled after each subsequent leveling.

As his interface sent him notifications, his mind became calm and serene, prompting his muscles to itch like tentacles were wrapping him up. He felt like a slumbering energy deep within him just awakened. 

As a result of this level up, he gained 40 energy, 4 strength, 3 endurance, 2 free attribute points, one talent point, and his overall level was now level 10.

Though he could not still take on these 5 elite agents alone because of his lack of active skills, he could now put up a resistance that will allow him to escape. He checked his status again to confirm his current prowess.


Name: Morales Clifford

Race: Human/?

Model: Mutated NPC

Level: 10

Main Class: Pugilist [Novice]- Lvl. 5 [0/3200]

Sub-Classes: Young lord- Lvl. 10 [[Limit of sub-class reached, cannot be leveled up again]

Health: 220/250

Stamina: 295/340

Attributes: STR 19, DEX 4, END 8, INT 4, CHA 10, LUCK 2

Free attribute points: 10

Energy: 53/100 [Lv. 2]

Lv. 1 [10]- [STR +2, DEX +1, END +1, MAX STAMINA +15]

Lv. 2 [50]- [STR +3, DEX +2, END +3, MAX STAMINA +50]

           Grade: F [Normal Human] 


After gaining this much increase in strength, Morales was now more confident that he could escape this situation. He felt relieved before moving closer while sticking his head out to peep a bit.


His head did not even emerge completely before a bullet was released. The bright light of the gun’s muzzled illuminated his face, prompting him to remove his head hastily through his fast reflexes.


You have been grazed by an AS50 sniper rifle! 36 damage taken!


His movements were inhumanly fast but the bullet still grazed his cheek, making his face burn hot. His eyes grew bloodshot from the dizziness caused by the slight impact as he quickly concealed himself more thoroughly.

The pain made his brain focused, making it painfully clear to him that he still didn’t have the strength to face these people head-on. He had to escape while he still can.

He quickly divided his free attribute points between his dexterity and endurance, this would grant him more movement speed and thicker skin.

With these, he had a better chance of escaping as he now had 10 dexterity after adding 6 points to it, and 12 endurance after adding the 4 remaining points to it. The addition of his energy bonuses was the cream on top of the cherry.

As a pugilist, it was a disgrace that he faced a situation that he could not solve with his fists alone.

But he didn’t mind, he would use anything to escape, he was still too weak to have such pugilistic pride. And he did not even belong to this world, he was a player and the greatest trait of players was shamelessness.

He finally brought out the grenades that he stole from the agents he killed on the way.

With one smooth throw, a grenade was thrown out as it flew in a curve like a kite. The elite agents saw it and instinct kicked in as they immediately jumped at different corners to escape its explosion.


As the explosion rocked the bunker, Morales quickly picked himself up and went for the run. With his 10 dexterity, he had godly speed if compared to these 5 elite agents.

He suddenly jerked a bit as the sound of gunfire erupted again. As elites, these 5 agents would not go down so easily, they were still able to recover and shoot at him the next second.

2 bullets embedded themselves deep into his calf bone while another one to his right heel, prompting his interface to lit up frenziedly with notifications.


Critical Hit -24

Critical Hit -28

You have been shot on the legs twice by an assault rifle. Movement speed impaired and reduced by 5% for 20 seconds.


Seeing these notifications, Morales knew immediately that he could not best these elite agents with fast dexterity alone. They clearly knew where to target him.

He quickly threw another grenade backward while still running to cover more distance. As he did this, he brought the 2 desert eagles that he looted, wielding them on each arm.


The 2nd explosion erupted as he quickly complimented it with his rapid gunshots. His hands revolved like a spin wheel as the desert eagles shot out bullets, forming a rhythmic beat that the elite agents began dancing to.

Though Morales could not see through the fire, he knew from the sound difference that 5 of his bullets met their targets.


Skill Activated: Basic Shooting

Progress Rate: 2%

[You have exchanged gunshots with opponents for an extended period, requirements to learn skill have been met. Continue shooting to increase progress rate.]


As soon as the fire subsided, the 5 enraged bleeding elite agents rose again as they aimed to shoot at their troublesome target.

Boom!! Before their bullets could fly out, one of the elite agents flew back like a football hit by a fierce striker, hitting the metal wall with force as blood gushed out of his mouth. His face turned pale immediately.

His companions turned to look at him with shock evident on their faces only to see a long metal pipe that impaled him directly in the heart. Despite this fatal blow, he was still alive, though barely.

As the team leader rushed out to go save his subordinate, with 2 bam sounds, 2 bullets flew past him and that was the end of his loyal subordinate.


Critical Hit- 198

As your strength paired with the metal pipe is twice as much as your opponent's, the bleeding status has been inflicted on him. -3 HP for 10 seconds.



You have killed an elite agent of a secret underground dungeon; you have gained 1500 experience.


Morales was escaping pathetically did not change the fact that his stats were now higher than his opponents. It was only because he had no active skill and his opponents had lots of it, that is why he choose to escape.

With his current 24 strength after adding his energy bonuses paired with the sharp metal pipe he just picked and threw at his opponent, he dealt almost 200 damage which was outrageous for his current level.

With 2 other shots from his guns, he finished the elite agent immediately.

Taking this moment of shock and distraction that took over the elite agents, he sprinted forward rapidly as he finally caught sight of what led him to this bunker.

The dirty wastewater flowed with small rapid currents at the corner of the bunker as they were dumped into the river through a narrow channel close by.

This was his real destination; this place was discovered by a player when they farmed this dungeon regularly then.

What really bugged him after reaching here was the smell oozing out of this wastewater, it was not like this in the game. He almost puked on seeing how dirty it looked.

“Shit, the sense calibration is at 100%. I forgot that I transmigrated. Oh boy…, I’m finished!”

He cursed with an irritated expression on his face, but he had no choice as gunshots started being directed his way again. The elite agents already recovered, and they were furious at the death of their comrade.

Morales clasped his nose with his right hand to curb the smell a bit before jumping down into the water. He could only pray that the water was not too uncomfortable, but he didn’t even finish this thought before he cursed again.

“F**k!! This is actually shit water, it was not like this in the game!”

Splash!! He fell down into the rapidly flowing water as the current took him with all the waste products downstream.

After reaching the edge of the bunker, the elite agents shot randomly with rage evident on their faces. Some of the bullets hit Morales, but he was too concerned about the smell around him to feel the pain.

“Where does this water leads to?” The elite squad leader shut his eyes to calm his raging emotions before asking with clenched teeth.

“Umm…, sir, it leads to the river”.

“What?? Why did no one inform me?” He bellowed at the one who answered. The latter could only lower their head, he could not insult his leader Afterall.

As the elite squad leader vented his inability to kill his target on his subordinates, the leaders of the secret dungeon finally arrived.

The dungeon protectors came with raging expressions on their faces as they trailed behind a fiery-looking woman.

Shasha, the mad witch. This was the current head dungeon protector of the secret dungeon. She was already a grade E superhuman, and her main class was the Esper class. She was a deadly one-man army.

After arriving, with a poker expression on her face, she looked at the elite agents before her with sharp questioning gazes.

The leader of the elite squad gulped subconsciously on seeing this, “Oh boy!”

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