Feeling the pressure being emanated by the head dungeon protector and the hostile gazes of the dungeon protectors around, the elite squad leader’s fragile heart fractured immediately.

Stammering, he quickly spilled out every detail of what transpired without excluding any detail.

“Hmmm, he actually broke the bloodline shackles and became a pugilist, interesting”. Shasha muttered with a smile that was not a smile before turning around, getting ready to go back.

“If you really shot so many times at him, there’s an 80% chance that he would die in the river”. He directed this at the elite agents before pausing a bit.

“But you allowing him to escape is incompetence on your part, I don’t breed shit stirrers here, I bred fighters”. As soon as she said this, she waved her hand prompting a red energy field to erupt from her position.

Before the 4 elite agents could even comprehend what she just said, their heads burst into a bloody mist.

She chuckled on seeing this as her tongue stuck out like a snake’s to lick the flying blood in the air. She finally turned to face her dungeon protectors after doing this.

“Protector Davis, take an elite agent squad and scour the area around the river and the surrounding environs. Bring the Young lord’s corpse or his living body, if you can’t then come back with your head presented on a golden plate”.

After saying all these, she couldn’t care less again as she started walking away. She had to explain what happened to the big boss.

The burly form of the called Protector Davis nodded respectfully before going out to go execute her orders immediately.

           After enduring a constant bombardment of shit and stench attack, Morales finally went through the narrow channel. The dirty water dumped him into the river with the waste in tow.

           His whole body was a mess, the worse was the strong odor emanating from his body like he was a thousand-year-old shit.

           Before he could heave a sigh of relief that he escaped, the feeling of weakness from the countless bullet injuries finally came crashing like water rushing out of a broken dam.

            Though his health was already at the critical level, as a pugilist, he was supposed to still endure this. He had high resistances and fast energy recovery speed. This strange weakness confused him.

           As his eyes gradually grew dimmer and he was at the edge of fainting, his interface suddenly lit up again.


           Mutation of interface complete

           System-host compatibility: 95%- Requirements to integrate complete…, initiating integration and installation.



           Bzzz!! Morales could not see what else was being displayed as he quickly fainted.


           After what seemed like an eternity of slumber, Morales finally woke up again to feel himself on a vibrating platform. He heard loud laughter sounding near him, indicating that some people were with him here.

           This realization made him cautious and cool down as he slowly opened his eyes to see where he was.


He was stunned by the sight that greeted him; he was extremely familiar with this group of people. These were slave traders.

           In the game, in some beginner planets, there are a group of people that the players referred to as slave traders. They go out in search of vulnerable people, capture them and use them as cannon fodder for their battles.

           Seeing the red and black animal skin armor that these group wore, he recognized them immediately.

           He already noticed that he was in a cage with dozens of other people as they transported them like livestock goods to their base.

           “Sigh…, in the end, I escaped from the lion’s den into the cobra’s nest”.

           As he sighed, he suddenly remembered that his interface left a notification before he fainted. Before he could think further, his interface lit up again voluntarily.


           Morales Clifford, Welcome to the Clan Head System!

           [Due to unexpected circumstances in your transmigration, the system encountered some difficulties in mutating completely. After you evolved to become a Pugilist, the system finally acquired the required momentum to mutate.]


           Morales was completely dumbstruck on seeing this. First, it was transmigration, then his interface appeared, now this system just mysteriously arrived. His small brain was already cramping up.

           “No…, no man, please I want to wake up. I will not dream of being a super soldier again, I repent”.

Despite his futile inner repentance, the system kept quiet and he did not wake up from a dream either, so he resigned to change his strategy.

           “Please, is this real? If so, tell me how all this happened. How did I transmigrate, how did you enter my brain?”


           [Information locked: Host needs to upgrade the system to the requisite level to unlock this information.]

           [System’s current level: 1- Experience required to level up. {0/1,000,000}.]

           [This is real, you’re now transmigrated into Space World.]

           Though this can no longer be referred to as your interface, the system still has all the abilities you can access through your interface. Upgrade system to access more sophisticated abilities.

           Due to a lot of unexpected abnormal occurrences during the NPC experiment, the host and 4 other NPCs were reincarnated into this world. You all have been granted different systems to help your growth.

           With the Clan Head System, you have the potential to become the leader and king of the great Clifford family and dominate this world. Be hardworking and you can realize this potential through the help of the system.

You were all reincarnated into random places, so luck is a great factor in how far you reach before dying. 

           [S-Rank Progressive Mission activated: Convergence.]

           Mission Synopsis:

           Due to the unexpected circumstances of host’s reincarnation, to go back to earth you have to converge and meet with the other 4 earthlings. If any one of you dies, your chance of going back to earth is as good as nil.

            1st mission: Find any clue that draws you closer to any of the other earthlings. Mission reward will be calculated according to your level when you complete the mission.

           2nd mission: Find and converge with any of the other earthlings. Mission reward will be calculated according to your level when you complete the mission.

           Bonus rewards will be given according to the completion rate of missions.

Note: When you complete any of the missions, the next level mission will automatically be displayed. Good luck.

[D-Rank Mission activated: Discover the one who wants you dead.]

As a descendant of the great Clifford family, your life is supposed to be without troubles. Someone in your family is after you. Accumulate strength, go back to the dungeon where you were held and look for answers.

Base Mission Reward: 200,000 experience.

Bonus Reward: According to mission completion rate and completion of hidden requirements.


Seeing this, Morales drew in a breath of cold chilling air as he tried to internalize the information that was just dumped into his brain.

He no longer had the interface, but now it was a system.

“I said it, my reading of web novels would one day come and bite me in the butt. Now I am reincarnated, thank God it’s not into a cultivation world. I don’t have the stamina to withstand those ridiculous heavenly tribulations”.

Though the information just thrown at him was much, he still understood everything after only this one look.

The first mission shocked the hell out of him as this meant that his returning to earth indirectly rested in the survival of his fellow experiment subjects. If one of them died, they were all stranded in this world.

Though this was deeply worrying, he calmed his heart as he knew that there was nothing that he could do now to influence this.

Instead of worrying, he focused on the clearer second mission. This mission from the system was basically pushing him to accumulate strength and go back to raid the dungeon.

“Well, at least with where these slave traders are taking me, I can accumulate strength there. So convenient. Is this a coincidence or the system arranged this?” He soliloquized silently.

After all the familiar things that he encountered during his short time in this world, he already recognized where he was.

This planet was called planet Beiger; it was one of the beginner planets for players. It was where the human colony of the Clifford family resided, so they were the current rulers of the planet.

Though the power of the great Pugilist, Clifford could not be questioned, he had a very fatal flaw; he was a womanizer. That was also one of the main reasons that he was able to be assassinated.

As a womanizer, his seed could be said to be all over Space World.

If you go on a tour around the world, you may discover that the Clifford descendants takes over 5% if not 10% of the population, which is completely nature-defying. The man was a beast.

As Morales took in his surroundings better, his interface lit up again.


           Congratulatory Gift Award Activated:

           As the host successfully fulfilled the hidden requirement of the system to become a Pugilist, the lottery wheel is temporarily opened for 3 draws. This is the system’s welcome gift to the host.

           After spinning it 3 times to get your gift, it will be locked again.


“Ok, we’re finally here. Hehe, get ready to fight for your lives, the next beast horde attack is estimated to start in 30 minutes. We have to toughen you up a bit.”

Morales quickly snapped out of his daze as the rough voice of the slave trade gang leader echoed loudly. He smiled as he was already waiting for this, he would spin his lottery wheel later.

Unlike the other captured slaves who had expressions of anger, despair, and hopelessness, his expression was that of anticipation. With the frequent beast attacks here, he could kill, get experience, and slowly accumulate his strength.

Though the ways of these slave traders were inhuman, the players loved them as they could have uninterrupted access to leveling up. Though he was not a player again, his ideology was still the same.

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