Not long after the slave trade gang leader announced to them, they finally saw the outline of a mining base appearing before them.

The sun shone glaringly on the rooftop of the large base security building, making its smooth surface reflect the light in other directions.

Apart from the security building, the mining base had a large building at the center that was surrounded by a larger and more durable defense fence. The surrounding outside the fence was the real mining base, stretching for kilometers.

It was an underground mining base, so deep trenches leading underground covered most parts of the base. Streamlined slopes made using machines covered most parts of the base strategically to protect it from the fierce beast attacks.

The animals in Beiger were all outrageously strong as most of them were mutated beasts. There were some that already even awakened intelligence, this was based on their level.

Morales and the new group of slaves did not even get to rest from the rough journey after arriving. They were directly placed at the forefront of the base to weather the initial stampede of the looming beast attack.

As they lined up orderly after aggressive and repeated threatening from the slave traders, the real fighters of the base started coming out of the large building.

As large underground mining bases like this one were strategic indispensable resources, not anyone could own them. This one was under the rulership of a nearby local warlord.

Consuming most of the mineral resources found in the Beiger planet, especially in mining bases like this one would grant mutated beasts more strength, so they don’t hesitate to attack them.

As the guards of the base came out in droves to confront the beasts, they also brought the old slaves that were still alive. These were the ones that survived through the previous wild beast attacks.

Chakra, the leader of the base stood at an elevated platform, looking outside with a stern face as he awaited the appearance of the filthy beasts. He was a club-wielding beast-man.

As someone with grade E superhuman strength who advanced through his bloodline, he could already be referred to as a powerhouse.

He had the strength and tyrannical ambition to lead this enormous base. He already ordered for the base’s fence to be closed, leaving the slaves outside it to act as cannon fodder.

His men swiftly moved orderly under his direct and strict orders, forming various formations to better fight the battle.

It was not long before the faint vibration sensation transmitting through the earth slowly started being felt, indicating the incoming stampede of the horde of beasts.

The vibration gradually got louder as the countless silhouettes of the approaching beasts came into view.

Every direction was filled with enlarging black dots as they rushed forward in tight groups. It looked like the descent of an apocalypse as beasts came out from all sides, completely filling the view of the slaves and fighters alike.

Morales finally got serious on seeing this as he tightened his hands to flex his muscles. He ignored some of the other slaves that were shivering around him, before getting ready for battle.

He could not bank on reviving like a player again, so he had to fight more cautiously. The only reason why he dared to fight was that he knew that their captors would not just leave them to die in vain. They would help.

With a loud sound of impact, the wild beasts finally made contact with the large row frontline of cannon fodder slaves.

The slaves were all given matchets and low-grade weapons to at least resist, so they just swung their weapons brainlessly at the beasts. In the face of death, even the most cowardly would still resist.

Blood and body parts flew about, accompanied by screams as the wild beasts tyrannically penetrated deeply into the rows of cannon fodder.

This was when the few class holders like Morales among the group of slaves finally stepped up as they used their various means to start killing the wild beasts.

Seeing this, Chakra calmly gave an order before finally leading his elite guards out to slaughter the beasts.

His heavy club swung rapidly left and right with heavy power accompanying it like the reaper of death, he single-handedly carved a path into the disorderly formation of beasts.

Every wild beast facing his club was crushed into meat paste immediately, he was unstoppable in the battlefield. Empowered by his energy, all his attacks were overwhelming.

It was at this moment that the order Chakra gave finally came into effect.

Large rotating grind machines emerged out of the ground around the mining base as they crushed and ground the wild beasts into batches of blood and body parts.

The weaker melee guards that were protected by the fence finally rushed out, killing all the remnant incapacitated beasts that were left by their leaders and the grind machines.

Only the ranged guards were left inside the protection of the durable fence as they shot out arrows and released their long-ranged abilities without restraint.

The slaves already took the brunt of the wild beast’s initial charge, so the base fighters could kill more easily now. The reserve guards released attacks out rapidly, adding to the momentum in which they killed the beasts.

Seeing this, Morales finally started executing his player mentality battle style. He ran around the edge of the battlefield where the slaves fought, killing the already dying beasts with his matchets swiftly.

As a Pugilist, his innate endurance and stamina were fiercer. He drew a lot of attention on the battlefield, bringing surprise and puzzlement to the slaves and the base guards respectively.

“Weird, this slave is so hardworking. Why is he fighting so hard? Even if you are strong, don’t you realize that you’re now a slave?”

They believed that with how strong this slave was, he could completely protect himself and slack at the corner. So why put in so much effort to help your captors?

Despite the weird looks that he received, Morales did not mind. His face had a wide grin as his system kept lighting up to indicate new notifications.



Critical hit- 61

You have killed a wild beast, mutated hare. You have gained 400 experience.

You have killed a wild beast, mutated bear. You have gained 560 experience.

[You struck a wild beast 3 times consecutively on the head, gaining double experience.]

You have killed a wild beast, mutated lion. You have gained 1120 experience.


He fought with more vigor on seeing the amount of experience that these beasts gave him; this was a treasure trove to someone with a system like him.

After a 40 minutes battle where the mutated beasts were repeatedly being massacred and overwhelmed, the intelligent wild beasts among them finally led a retreat.

           Seeing this, Chakra ordered his soldiers to stay at their positions. Despite how fiercely and efficiently they massacred the beasts, they also suffered a lot of casualties.

           Of the new slaves who were just brought, more than 55% of them died to the beast horde.

           As their leader left to his room, the mining base guards finally opened the gate to allow the slaves in. They joined the new ones with the old veteran slaves, before taking them all to the underground shelter prepared for them.

           As Morales walked rigidly with the other slaves, one of them came forward to engage in a conversation with him.

           “Hi, my name is Lionel. Nice to meet you”.

           Seeing the dark-haired man with sharp features and a long nose, Morales recognized him immediately. He was one of the stronger slaves among the veteran slaves who were brought out.

           The man was a mechanic. As a main class holder, he was one of the stronger slaves among the survivors.

           “Nice to meet you too, my name is Morales”. Morales greeted him back, he was not going to shorn such a potentially strong ally.

           They both discussed silently as they were led into the underground shelter. According to the man, he was captured by the slave traders and brought here 6 months ago.


           After they settled down in the underground shelter, the mining base guards told them to rest for an hour. They needed the rest after such a fierce battle as they would start mining in an hour.

           Morales’s new companion, Lionel, waved him farewell before locating a corner to rest on the cold floor.

           As silence descended into the dimly lit underground shelter, Morales finally got prepared to draw his lottery after reining in his desire for so long.

           He was in a good mood as through this battle against the beasts alone, he got over 20,000 experience. This mining base was surely the right place for him to transform from a cub into a fierce raging lion.

           After willing it, his system quickly lit up, covering his line of sight. It took him directly to where he would draw his lottery. After rubbing his hand, he finally rotated the wheel with his mind.


           Ding!! First system lottery draw randomizing…, randomization complete.

           User has drawn a weapon from the lottery wheel:

           Weapon: Storm sword.

           Grade: Purple.

           [This is a weapon fragment from a higher-grade weapon. You can collect other weapon fragments and fuse them to get the original weapon.]


           Seeing this, Morales cursed his luck. Though an uncommon weapon at his current level was good, it was nowhere sufficient to be the reward of this rare lottery wheel draw.

           He took a deep breath, prayed for better luck before using his other 2 draws simultaneously.


           Ding!! Second and third system draw randomizing…, randomization complete.

           User has drawn an active skill from the lottery wheel:

           Reinforced Diamond Bones: +20% STR, +30% DEX, +30% END, +5% Crit hit rate when activated. +10 Physical and mental resistances.

           Duration: 1 minute. Cooldown time: 5 minutes.


           User has drawn a legendary innate talent from lottery wheel- mutated:

           Attribute Regulator:

           Innate ability to control and manipulate own attributes.

           Duration: 1 minute. Cooldown time: 10 minutes.

           [This is a unique ability that was only granted because of the unique circumstances of user’s transmigration. Use it well and you will soon dominate the world and get back to earth.]


           “Yes!!” Morales exclaimed on seeing the result of the second draw, earning unpleasant glares from the slaves who were resting close to him. Seeing this, he reined in his excitement.

           This was what he was in serious need of, an active pugilist skill. With this alone, he believed that he finally found a foothold in this merciless Space World.

           As he silently rejoiced, his excitement gradually turned to shock, he was dumbfounded.

           “What the hell is this?” He was completely shocked on seeing the result of his third draw. Even with his rich experience of the game, he never heard of an ability like this one. 

           “This is a complete cheat”. He blurted out uncontrollably again after analyzing what he could do with such a messed-up ability.

           With a talent like this, he could increase and decrease his attributes to better suit his situation in battle. With this alone, he finally believed the system’s words that he could dominate this world.

           “Ok…, get your asses up, it's time. Go into the mines, we need results before the next beast horde attack”. One of the guards hollered at the slaves.

           Hearing this, they all stood up obediently, picked their tools, and went out into the mines. This was the treatment that slaves like them received daily.

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