In the dark underground shelter of the mining base, as the other slaves slept, a figure was already up. He looked smilingly at the sword that came into his hand mysteriously from nowhere.

Morales’s smile was wide as he softly caressed the sparkling metal body of the sword.

Lionel always asked him again and again for the past few days why he did not demand a weapon to be crafted for him. He always replied with a smile, and that he already has his own weapon.

Though the latter always looked at him doubtfully after hearing him, he gave up in the end as he was the leader. The risk of their uphill endeavor was clear to them all.

It took a lot of willpower on his part to prevent his desire to bring out the weapon that he got from his system lottery draw for the past days. Finally, he could freely bring it out today.

All it required from him was to let his intention known and the sword mysteriously materialized from the system.

He was waiting for this for 2 months already, so he quickly opened his interface to check its attributes.


Storm Sword:

Grade: Purple

Base Stats:

  • Damage: 73- 120
  • Defense: 20- 25
  • Power Level: 70
  • Durability: 110/110

Equip Requirement: 10 DEX, 10 STR

Stat Bonus: +8 DEX, +5 STR, +4 END

Additional Bonus: +3 DEX.

Special Weapon Ability:

[Storm Domain]- When activated- Cost: 3 Energy, 12 Stamina.

Cooldown: 15s

For 1 minute: +5% Damage, +6% Attack speed. All your attacks have a 2% chance of having the sweeping attribute. 

When in battle, 2% chance to unleash the storm domain for a duration of 5 seconds. The storm domain is of 3 types, the wind, earth, and water domain.

Wind domain: +10% DEX, +5% attack speed and reaction speed. A small wind domain is summoned that blows wildly to impede your opponent’s movements.

Earth domain: +10% END, +2% STR, +7% Counter [Melee]. A small earth domain is summoned which will grant all your attacks with the heaviness attribute.

Water domain: +5% DEX, 5% END. A small water domain is summoned which will grant your attacks with the water overwhelming attribute.

[Remark: This is a well-crafted weapon that was once used by the calamity grade powerhouse, the Storm warlord. It is a fine piece of art with a legendary history. This is just a fragment of the original weapon.]


Morales was shocked after going through the attributes of his new weapon. Its base stats and special effects alone were already outrageous for a weapon of its grade.

What made him more astonished was the special weapon ability of the sword. This was a completely godlike ability for the current him.

“Damn, I hit the jackpot”.

With these new perks granted by the storm sword, he was now more confident in the outcome of their escape mission today.

 “Is this what it feels like for the goddess of luck to smile on you?” He muttered happily. This surprise put him in a completely giddy mood.

Calamity grade powerhouses are supers who already grew to the Grade A territory. They were the pinnacle of individual strength, only below the beyond grade A’s.

The Storm warlord is a famous calamity grade powerhouse of the old era that once reigned during the era of the legendary Clifford.

As Morales reveled in the joy brought by his new toy, the first signs of the morning finally started breaking through the veil of the night. He sat straighter as the early bird slaves started waking up.

According to his rough estimate, he easily deduced that the time was probably around 4:00 am already.

As they woke up, on seeing that he was awake before them, they greeted him respectfully before going forth to wake up their still sleeping companions. For their successful escape, they had to wake up early and be at their best.

This process was carried on for 2 minutes before all the slaves finally woke up from their deep slumber.

Seeing this, Morales gradually stood up. Despite the yellow mining slave work uniform that he was wearing, his presence seemed extremely intimidating as he opened his mouth to speak.

“My fellow freedom fighters, this is the moment of truth. I hope you are all reader to fight with your life for this one chance at survival”.

“All the plans and everything that we need have already been provided and planned, the rest is up to us. I expect to see us victorious today, are you ready to get freedom with me?”

“Yes, we are ready”. Hearing his words, the slaves all echoed as their emotions started getting riled up.

“Good. That’s all I have to say, and that’s the answer I wanted to hear from you. Saying more words would not do anything, our fists shall speak for us. Get ready, we are going out in 5 minutes”.

           After saying this, he suddenly raised his hand, holding the storm sword up exaggeratedly. “For our freedom!!”

           “For our freedom!!” They quickly echoed back, while making sure to keep their voice down as they did not want to alert their captors.

           Morales finally sat back down on the bare floor, prompting the few slaves to go and get their weapons from the hidden trench that they dug in the underground shelter to hide them.

           After this, the ones who were acquainted with each other got together to spend what could possibly be their last time together.

           They were ready to give their all, even their lives, so it was inevitable that most of them would die during the escape. Perhaps, the dead would be them, so they had to settle and conclude everything that they wanted.

           As this went on, Lionel finally went closer to meet Morales. After bumping fists with him, he plumped down to sit beside him.

           “Bro, where did you suddenly get this weapon from?” He asked in a suspicious tone while turning to look at the sword in his friend’s hand.

           As a mechanic, his high intelligence made him very perceptive to high-quality equipment. From his knowledge, he was able to recognize that this was the best weapon he had seen in his short life, which left him shocked.

           “Haha, I told you that I have my means”. Morales replied with a soft laugh while turning to give his friend a meaningful look.

           Lionel sighed on seeing the look that his friend gave him. As supers, it was inevitable that they all had trump cards and secrets that they don’t tell anyone. He understood, so he just patted Morales on the back before standing up.

           “I hope you are ready; we need the best you for this escape sabotage to be successful”.

           “Don’t worry about me, try and prep the others instead. I have never felt so good in a morning”.

           “Ok, I which ourselves Goodluck”. After saying this, he finally walked away.

           Morales just shook his head on seeing this.


5 minutes later, all the slaves gathered before the door leading outside the shelter. Morales stood at their front with a solemn expression on his face.

After standing silently like this for 10 seconds, he released the breath that he held in before decisively going outside. All the slaves walked after him swiftly as they advanced like an army battalion going for war.

Thud!! Thud!!

Hearing the loud sound of footsteps coming from the underground shelter, the guards who were stationed at the door were puzzled as they woke up groggily.

After clearing their sleepy eyes, a bit, the sight that greeted them scared the hell out of them.

Hundreds of the originally timid slaves walked out gallantly with menacing expressions on their faces like soldiers going for a world war, holding dangerous weapons intimidatingly.

This sight only caused them minor impact despite the large number of slaves marching out. What really made them petrified was the strong energy presence being released by the slave who led this now obvious rebellion.

“Run, r…” The unit leader reacted quickly as he tried to order his fellow guards to run, but he was still a step too late.

Before his words could turn into the scream of alarm that he intended, thieves and night rangers dropped from the ceiling, while others came out from stealth.

The dozen nightwalker class holders did their job as they swiftly killed all the guards before anyone of them could react appropriately.

Morales did not bat an eyelid at the dead remains of the once tyrannical guards who originally took joy in bullying them, they were just insignificant cannon fodder that will not affect the outcome of their escape.

A wise one once said that a cool protagonist does not turn back to look at what he already destroyed.

Even if he was not a cool protagonist, he was a cool pugilist, so he had all rights to act the part.

“All of you stay here and wait for my signal, wait for the signal that will indicate the death of Chakra before engaging”.

After saying this, he finally turned to face his other 4 leaders that helmed the operation. “Lionel, Bigfoot, Tigerclaw, Hero, I hope you are ready”.

After getting a solemn nod from them, indicating that they were ready, he heaved a sigh of relief before turning to the thieves and rangers.

“Nightwalkers, this is the moment where I need your help the most. I hope you can cover our tracks. Good luck, for our freedom!”

“For our freedom!”

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