In the most luxurious room at the center-most point of the mining base, the leader of the base slept peacefully. As a beast-man, his sleeping posture was not the most decent.


Chakra spread his body like a rag across the large king-sized bed as his loud snores echoed across the room like rumbling and boiling water. His physique could only be described as wild.

As he was not a human, most of the things seen as indecent to them were daily normal occurrences to him. His naked body twitched at intervals on his bed as the faint wind blowing into the room tickled his thick skin hair.

All his burly muscles were clearly outlined, forming a stunning sight depicting immense manliness, but the group of people who were entering the room stealthily did not admire this. They did not have weird tendencies.

As soon as he entered the room, the first thing that Morales did was to use his detect skill on their dangerous target immediately.


Name: Chakra Bam

Race: Beast man


After seeing this, though he did not get as much information as he wanted due to the level difference, he was able to make a more thorough estimate now.

As he predicted, he was sure that Chakra was a new Grade E beast man, so his attributes and resistances would be far lower than someone who was already a veteran at the realm. This gave them more of a chance.

He did not dare dally around after they successfully infiltrated the room. He ordered his 4 assistant leaders to take positions at the four corners of the room, while he stood at the center to act as the main attacker.

After doing this, he finally ordered the strongest thief who followed them in to try getting closer to steal their target’s weapon, the large and heavy club.

If they fought him without him wielding his weapon, they would have a far better chance at emerging victorious.

They all felt their muscles grow tense as the thief slowly arrived at the position of the club. He calmed his rapidly beating heart before stretching his hand out to grab the club.

Even if he did not have the required strength to lift it, he had what it took to drag it to another location.


As soon as his hands touched the surface handle of the club, he felt a soft pulse erupt from his position as this tingled his nightwalker danger senses immediately.

He quickly activated stealth and disappeared on the spot. Seeing this, Morales and the other four’s hearts tightened.

“What happened?”

The originally snoring and slightly twitching Chakra suddenly stiffened like he felt something, making the pressure grow among the 5 attackers who intended to confront him.

It was easy to say that they should just assassinate him when he was sleeping. But that was underestimating a Grade E beastman as his thick skin and endurance alone could shrug off any assassination methods of lesser grade supers.

Morales and the others secretly prayed that he should sleep back and resume his snoring, but luck refused to favor them this time as a pair of red eyes suddenly snapped open.

Their target opening his eyes was so conspicuous that they could even see the red ominous glow of the beast man’s eyes from their positions.


Seeing this, Morales left any hesitation behind and immediately ordered for the attack to begin as he rushed forward swiftly while making his grip on his sword firmer.

“Hmm, some pests dare to try assassinating me”. Feeling the wind stir behind him, Chakra finally understood why he felt his mental connection with his weapon spike.

Standing up, he did not care that he was naked as he blocked the incoming sword with his bare hands. As he did this, a red energy force erupted from his body to cover his hands.

Clang!! Morales’s storm sword stabbed swiftly at his opponent’s energy empowered hands. The outcome was a loud impact sound as he was pushed back from the recoil.

This was the main fighting method of Grade E warriors. At their level, they already unlocked the next and important level of energy manipulation.

This useful knowledge grants them the ability to train their energy and to use their energy to supplement and complement their abilities in battle.

Chakra blocking the swift strike with his fists was only possible because of the blood-red energy field covering it.

After weathering the first attack, though he came out unscathed, the strength that was exerted still intimidated him. This was already Grade E territory strength.

“Who are these people?”

He made a sharp decision to get his weapon immediately. He blocked another strike from his first opponent, before quickly stretching his hands out before his other 4 opponents got to his position.

The originally calm and stagnant club suddenly stirred after this Thor-like gesture from its owner. It quickly flew up, hovered for a second before speeding into its owner’s outstretched right arm.

“You are all dead”. Feeling his precious weapon land on his hand, Chakra felt his confidence come back in waves as he bellowed before swinging it outwards at his opponent.

Morales was alarmed by the move as he tried to parry the move with his sword horizontally. They never knew that their target’s weapon was enchanted.

Boom!! His quick parry saved him, but the force threw him back like a football momentously rifled across by the legendary No. 7 striker, Ronaldo.



You have been hit by an enchanted club being wielded by a Grade E superhuman.

Your resistances are strong enough, no negative status inflicted.


Tu! Tu! Tu! Tu! This was when the others joined the battle as Lionel brought out his carefully crafted dual guns and unleased hell on their target. The others also revealed their abilities without restraint.

Lionel already placed a mechanical device outside the room that would contain the shockwaves and the sound of their battle to here alone, so they could fight without restraints.

As his comrades bombarded the beastman, Morales finally stood up while rubbing his aching chest. He was horrified by the damage dealt to him despite his current damage resistance.

Despite the fierce frequency at which his lips twitched on seeing their target fight so ferociously while completely naked, he still respected his strength.

In the end, despite his Grade E strength, this guy was still stronger by a considerable margin. He needed to reveal his trump cards immediately. His comrades were struggling despite fighting in a 4 vs 1 situation.

He took a deep breath before activating one of his active skills.


User has activated active skill: Reinforced Diamond Bones: +20% STR, +30% DEX, +30% END, +5% Crit hit rate when activated. +10 Physical and mental resistances.

           Duration: 1 minute. Cooldown time: 5 minutes.


He suddenly felt his blood become hot after activating the skill, he felt like he was under the influence of a hundred adrenaline boosts.

He channeled this excitement and strength into what mattered as he charged back into the ongoing battle like a battle maniac.

As he rushed forward, Chakra suddenly made a sweeping move which pushed all 4 slaves away before he turned to face the only one that he felt was a real threat to him.

Seeing this, Morales took another deep breath before activating another active skill.

Boom!! On activating flicker, his figure blurred before flashing forward like a phantom ghost, leaving only afterimages behind. His system flashed a notification but he paid no attention to it.

He reached his opponent’s side and ducked to enter his blind spot immediately. This was when he finally put all the strength that he accumulated for the past 2 months to use.

Bam!! Bam!! His hands moved swiftly like flying bullets while controlling the storm sword smoothly like water as his deft handling of the sword came into play.

Blood flew rapidly as he took complete advantage of his 2 skills to toy with the heavy beastman and slowly chip away at his health points. His comrades finally recovered as they rushed back to join the battle again.

The battle became extremely chaotic and wild as the already irritated beastman started releasing all his innate abilities and skills.

Lionel and 2 of the slaves were already severely injured, Morales and the big guy among them, Bigfoot, were the only ones still holding their ground as they tried their best to bleed their opponent.

Though Morales already negated the difference in their attributes by activating his active skills, his opponent’s thick skin was still a large hindrance to their efficiency.

As the battle continued, Chakra gradually started regaining the upper hand as his advantage of energy reserves finally started coming to play.

Morales and the others were already exhausting their energy and stamina reserves, but their opponent still had enough to emerge as the victor of the battle.

After deducing this, Chakra decided to keep the battle at its current pace to slowly chip away at his opponents’ energy.

Despair was already showing in Lionel and the others’ eyes as without killing this pivotal figure, their escape chances were as good as nil.

As these negative thoughts rolled in his companions’ eyes, Morales's eyes grew firm as he decided to take a gamble with the legendary innate talent that he got from the system’s lottery draw.

He had never used it nor heard of it before. He could only hope that it was as god-like as the system described. After activating it, he quickly made the changes that he wanted.


Innate talent activated: Attribute regulator

STR 32, DEX 10, END 12, INT 6, CHA 12, LUCK 2

Adjustments detected: Initiating changes

Changes initiated

STR 42, DEX 10, END 16, INT 6, CHA 0, LUCK 0


As soon as the changes were implemented, he felt boundless strength come from nowhere again as his energy presence suddenly skyrocketed intimidatingly.

Seeing this, Chakra narrowed his eyes before focus attacking him again. Instead of avoiding it, this time he welcomed it with a wide predator-like grin.

Boom!! They quickly clashed, stirring fierce storm-like shockwaves. As they were both melee fighters, their battle felt like the legendary battle between the hulk and the abomination.

5 minutes later, an exhausted Morales fell down weakly on the floor as sweat kept on dropping down his face like a flood of rivers flowing down a slope.

After a fierce savage battle of hit me, I hit you, he finally emerged as the survivor. All his companions were as exhausted as him as they lay close to him like dead woods.

Despite the weakness he felt, he was happy beyond words.

“This innate talent is f**king awesome, so badass!”

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