Despite laying weakly on the floor, Morales was clearheaded enough to deduce that their escape was not guaranteed yet. After doing a short breathing technique to recover his stamina a bit, he finally stood up.

After repeatedly confirming that the first battle was over and he was safe, the strongest thief who followed them in finally came out of his stealth.

Seeing this, Morale’s mouth twitched but he could not complain as he knew that this guy’s main class was a paper class. He motioned him over as his other 4 leaders also slowly recovered from their exertion.

“It’s time, Nightwing. We already did all the hard work of killing Chakra, now go and inform the others of our victory”.

“Tell them to start the attack, tell them that victory is ours, but remember to warn them to follow the plan that we laid out. No one should abandon the plan and fight recklessly”.

“I don’t want anyone to botch our escape chances, the mining base guards are not beans, especially Chakra’s elite guards”.

Mentioning the last part, his face turned serious again as he clearly knew how strong these guards were after dying in their hands repeatedly back when he was a player.

Some of them had more fighting experience and technique than Chakra, only the difference in energy bonuses was the bridge that could not be easily breached.

The strongest thief, Nightwing, nodded with an expression of respect on his face as he quickly carried out the order. He was still astonished by the strength that was displayed by their leader a moment ago.

Back at the entrance of the underground shelter, the other slaves waited with an anxious expression on their faces. Everyone had different imaginations and conclusions on the result of the ongoing battle between their leaders and Chakra.

Thud!! Hearing the sudden sound of a leg dropping and someone suddenly entering their midst, they panicked and moved backward swiftly.

After getting a closer look at this new arrival, they finally heaved a sigh of relief as it was someone they knew. They really wanted to hit him for startling them like that but they were too anxious to know the result of the battle.

To their relief, Nightwing did not try to play any tricks with them, he went against his usual character by going straight to the point.

“Our leader, Morales, led the others and beheaded our archenemy. We are finally free from his oppression. Now, brothers, our survival is in our own hands. Who wants to escape this prison with me?”

“Me!!” “Me!!”

After hearing the good news that their leader killed the dreaded Chakra, their fear and anxiousness faded away like the wind as they felt confidence from nowhere surge in them. They could not wait to storm out.

“Good, now let’s go out and kill those that oppressed us. Remember to follow the battle plans that were laid out by the leaders, then we will fight bravely and come out victorious. For our freedom!”.

“For our freedom!!”

They quickly stormed out of the underground shelter like rioting prisoners that could not wait to vent out their frustration, they were fighting for their survival and freedom. For their freedom, they would do anything.

The guards who were stationed outside around the underground shelter were surprised on hearing the faint shouting sound that kept getting high pitched. Their puzzlement did not stay long as it quickly turned to horror the next second.

Hundreds of slaves rushed out of the underground shelter wielding various weapons with a frightening expression on their faces as they turned to meet the guards immediately on seeing them.

Boom!! The next second, both sides quickly collided as the completely unprepared guards fell to a complete disadvantage.

Following Morales’s strategy, the melee slaves with thicker skins and physiques took the helm of the charge to weather the initial frontline attacks of the mining base guards.

Following them were the pugilists and other fighter class holders as they advanced with their crudely crafted machetes and other weapons to fight as the main attacking group.

At the rear end of the charge stood the mechanics and the other paper class holders as they released all their ranged attacks without hesitation.  

The mechanics wielded the guns that were crafted by Leonel and unleashed their terror without restraint at the guards. They vented all their pent-up anger for the past few months, for some it was years.

As the battle raged on, other guards around the mining base noticed the noise and tremors of battle as they also slowly joined to suppress the recklessly attacking slaves.

Guards and slaves died every second as both sides did everything within their means to take down the other.

Despite the larger number of slaves, the well-trained guards slowly started taking back the initiative after getting a hold of their nerves. They were surprised and angry that these pitiful bunch actually tried to retaliate against them.

Despite some of them already dying, this did not worry them, it only angered them as they had complete confidence in their superiors.

They were not wrong as not long after, the elite guards under Chakra that were personally selected by him finally joined the battle. Their addition quickly changed the trajectory of the battle as they spread their tyranny to the slaves.

Of the 10 elite guards in the squad, all of them already touched the boundary of the grade E superhuman realm. They were just looking for the right inspiration to break through, that is why they came here to act as guards.

As the elated guards rode on the momentum of their elites to slowly push back and massacre the slaves, a neglected group among the slaves finally showed up.

Under the leadership of Nightwind, all the slaves holding nightwalker main classes came out of their stealth and other hiding skills simultaneously before diving into the battlefield.

Their emergence was so sudden that the unprepared guards suffered for it. Nightwind, despite him cowering in front of Chakra, was a bonafide thief also at the level directly below the grade E superhuman realm.

With his dual daggers, he wrath terror among the guards as he left only blood and body parts behind him. Everywhere he went, there were only severed heads and slit throats.

Despite this sudden appearance of other slaves, the guards did not directly succumb as they held their ground with the help of their elites.

The battle raged on, stirring dust everywhere as the slaves fought for their survival and escape while the guards fought to restrain them.

After taking time to rest and restore themselves to their peak condition, Morales quickly urged his other leaders to get up so that they could finalize their escape using their current fierce momentum.

He knew that the fighting guards were probably expecting reinforcement from their leader, so they would not try to escape. They were still confident.

He did not want to let any one of them escape, so he wanted to use their current confidence as a basis to eliminate them all. The experience he expected to get today put him in a completely giddy and motivated mood.

After seeing how urgently he wanted to get to the battlefield, the others’ faces twitched but they kept quiet as they also knew that they were needed for their escape to be successful.

He already planned for this also, so they had a template to follow.

They moved silently across the base to the location of the underground shelter where the battle was still wildly raging on. Everywhere was bloody as they estimated that at least 200 people already died.

After arriving, they wasted no time as they made the secret signal to indicate that they were ready to engage in the battle.

Though no sound was made, every slave already memorized the signal so they recognized it immediately. They gained sudden strength after realizing that their leader was about to come into the battlefield.

They fought more ferociously and wildly like people that were under the influence of drugs, confusing the guards who could not understand why they were so persistent.

Nightwind also noticed the signal as a grin slowly spread across his face. He followed the plan immediately as with the help of the others, he led his battle with the elite guards to a specific location.

The elite guards already had black lines all over their faces, they could not comprehend the shameless fighting style of this bastard.

At this moment, it would seem like he was flirting with them, the next moment he was attacking them aggressively. When they turn to face him, he would immediately turn around and escape.

“How can such a strong thief be so shameless?”

They were fed up with his antics, so they pursued him with determined expressions this time after his recent taunt. Seeing that they fell for the bait, Nightwind slightly smirked.

After getting to a location very close to the entrance of the underground shelter, he suddenly stopped and turned back to fight his pursuers. He made the legendary move, raising the middle finger at them.

This action completely enraged the elite guards, they no longer cared about anything else, they just wanted to get rid of him.

Boom!! As soon as they passed a point, 8 hands quickly emerged from the ground before dragging 4 of them under the ground. They were startled as the other 6 quickly jumped up to avoid whatever monster that was.


Ptui!! Shock showed on their faces as after a short but muffled scream, blood spurted out of the ground. Horror filled their faces as imaginations filled their heads.

As soon as they landed back down, Morales led his 4 leaders and emerged out of the deep hole that was made by the nightwalkers. They already dispatched off the 4 elite guards.

Seeing that it was only 4 people that scared them so much, the elite guards were about to get angry but they suddenly paused on seeing the head that was held by the Pugilist that stood before them.

“What?? Is that Chakra’s…, head?”

Taking hold of this brief moment of distraction, Morales quickly led the way and charged at the elite guards with frightening momentum.


User has activated active skill: Flicker Lv. 1:

Cost: 5 Energy, 15 Stamina.

Cooldown: 20s

For 5 seconds, enables instantaneous movement within a 5-meter radius. Grants 15% attack speed and reaction speed for the duration of the skill.

10% chance to activate flicker- it enables user movements to become like the wind, with a 5% chance to confuse opponents.


Before the guards could react, his figure flickered before leaving an afterimage behind and appearing before them. Even before he reached there, his storm sword already struck out swiftly.

Despite these guards being of roughly the same level as he was, he was still superior due to the outrageous control that he had over his strength.

The guard blocked the first strike, but the even faster second strike was too much for him as he was beheaded immediately. His thick beastman skin could not withstand the sharp edge of the storm sword.

Whoosh!! Morales’s sword quickly stabbed to the right after this, into the nearby exposed ribs of the next guard. With even smoother moves, he dispatched of him immediately.

At the same time that he did this, the others also used their various abilities to dispatch the remaining 4 guards. As it was an ambush, everything went smoothly according to plan.

With this successful ambush, they finally removed every potential obstacle that had the capability of stopping their escape.

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