It only took a few minutes before Morales led his 4 companions back to the location of the mining base. After getting there, they found a good place to hide before laying low.

A few days ago, when he was working in the mining base, he was surprised as the system suddenly gave him the E-Class mission indicating that an assassination was in motion against him.

He was shocked on seeing it, but he didn’t panic as he was confident in his strength to survive any assassination from people below the Grade E superhuman realm.

He knew that the assassins after him were not at the superhuman realm yet, because of his knowledge of the dungeon protectors’ strength at this stage.

Only the head dungeon protector of the dungeon of madness was already at the Grade E realm.

After knowing about the assassination agenda, he became more careful and calculative.

What came as a relief to him was that the assassins were not unbridled enough to try assassinating him in such a tightly guarded mining base. They only stalked him on a daily basis.

This was what prompted him to his first meeting with Nightwing as he needed his favor. The generous thief class holder did not reject, he helped him and secretly spied on the assassins sent from the dungeon.

Through Nightwing, he was able to learn that they planned their assassination date as this night. After knowing this, he planned for it immediately.

Though some people may already have noticed that the guards of the mining base were slaughtered mysteriously, he was confident that the news was not viral yet, so he wanted to ambush his assassins before they learned of the news.

None of his companions made a sound as they all waited for the arrival of the assassins. They were now the ones in the dark.

Though it took longer than they expected which was irritating, their targets finally started appearing from the camouflage of the night after they waited for 40 agonizing minutes.

From the little that their eyes could make out in the night, they noticed 6 figures moving with calculated steps out of the darkness.

The 6 figures had cautious and alert expressions on their faces as they moved silently, crossing the distance between the road and the gate of the mining base swiftly.

From this short observation, though they could not get much, they could see that these 6 individuals were elites like they were.

           “So there really were assassins after you!”

           Lionel and the other 3 placed themselves at a better angle to see more clearly as serious expressions finally came over their faces. They knew that they met their match this time.

           As they did all these, unlike them, Morales resorted to his most reliable tool, the information detect function of his system.


           Sub Class: Elite Agent

           Level: 20

           STR 18, END 8, INT 8

           Health Points: 360


           Sub Class: Elite Agent

           Level: 19

           STR 18, END 7, INT 9

            Health Points: 350


           Main Class: Pugilist

           Level: 25

           STR 28, END 15, INT 4

           Health Points: 580


           After doing a quick survey of his opponent’s stats, Morales’s eyes narrowed as different thoughts flowed through his head at the same time.

           From the summarized stats that were displayed before him by his system, he confirmed that he faced elites this time. All 6 opponents were already at the elite level, below the Grade E superhuman realm.

           The first 5 were all elite agent sub-class holders. They were of the same level as Leonel and the others, but the advantage they had over the assassins was that they were main class holders.

           The last assassin was the one who gave him a headache as this guy was currently at the same level he was and they both actually had the same main class. What the f*ck?

           Through the survey of his system, he also confirmed his speculation. He remembered this burly-looking dungeon protector as he was the only Pugilist among the 5 protectors of the dungeon of madness.

           “If I remembered correctly, his name is Protector… Davis”.

           Unlike him, this big guy did not take the strength route, he took the bulwark defense route. He was a mobile defensive fortress. He already started having a headache thinking of how to break this guy’s defense.

           Despite his dilemma, he did not let it affect him as he directly started giving his companions clues in form of orders on how to take down their targets.

           Though the opposition was strong, he was confident that he could take them down with his companion’s help, especially now that they were the ones in the dark. The ambusher always had an early advantage over the ambushed.

           As the 6 assassins drew nearer to the gate, one of the elite agents suddenly raised his hand, prompting them all to stop. This gesture also succeeded in getting Davis irritated.

           “Protector, I’m sorry for disrupting your tempo, but I feel that something is not right”. He whispered in a soft tone.

           “What is wrong?” Unlike him, Davis did not take the trouble of lowering his voice as much, which alarmed the other elite agents.

           “Sir, please I’m sorry, lower your voice a bit”. The elite agent felt like crying. “Why on earth did the head protector order us to follow such a headstrong Pugilist, we are finished”.

           “I don’t know, but I can faintly smell a dense convergence of blood from dead bodies. My intuition is ringing danger at me, you know my ability”.

           “Shut up, your intuition is shit before me. Now, follow me before I rip your head off with my own hands”.

           The hapless agent could only keep quiet and follow obediently.

           Morales heaved a huge sigh of relief on seeing this, he didn’t expect such a perceptive elite agent to be among these assassins.

He could only thank his luck that the headstrong Protector like Davis was sent. He knew this guy like the back of his hand as he was the one that most player’s battle strategies worked against the most.

“Leonel, provide ranged support for the others to stall the 5 subordinates. I’ll hold the leader”.

He did not wait for his companions to answer before erupting out of his position with immense speed.

Boom!! His storm sword struck forward momentously, stirring a gale as the assassins finally paused on noticing the sudden attack. All the assassins blocked and tried to counterattack immediately, only one turned and escaped directly.

Morales creased his brows on seeing this, but he quickly ignored it and focused on what mattered.

Activating his flicker skill again, he moved like a phantom as his sword struck out at the same frequency as his movement. He aimed only for the vital spots of his opponents.

As the assassins slowly recovered their wits after cursing their teammate who ran, a change suddenly came into their midst.

Like a falling tsunami, bullets rained on them at a frightening rate from the side as one of the elite agents got injured quickly. They were not given the chance to take out their weapons as abilities erupted out of the corner.

Psychic abilities bombarded them, rendering them incapacitated for a second. The ambush was too sudden for them, only the perceptive agent reacted fast enough and already escaped.

           Davis roared as he finally started putting his immense strength and thick skin to work, but it did nothing as Morales firmly held him down with his speed while at the same time chipping away at the agents’ health.

           Boom!! Boom!!

The protector’s fist movements repeatedly broke the sound barrier due to their immense force accompaniment, but Morales used his firm player strategy to isolate him.

           He did not fight him head-on, he only harassed and kept him in check. His remaining attention was on finishing the 4 elite agents.

           A one-styled Pugilist who got his weak point pinpointed in a battle; the outcome of the battle can easily be deduced. Davis immediately got relegated to a background tantruming spectator on the battlefield.       

           He was extremely strong, but his lack of versatility was firmly grasped and used against him by Morales. He was confused by his lack of effectiveness.

           “Why are my fists not working like before? Ugly wizard, which black magic did you use on me?” He was enraged.

           Hearing this, Morales felt a muscle in his face twitch as he fought the urge to break down with laughter at this bastard’s brainlessness. Having low intelligence was really bad.

           Though it took a little effort on their part, the outcome of the battle was already decided when it started. The 4 unlucky elite agents were all finally killed after an intense battle.

           After doing this, they finally turned their attention to the bulwark Davis.

           “Bombard him”.

           Actually, they didn’t need Morales’s reminder, Leonel and the others unleashed all their abilities at the turtle shell Pugilist without restraint.

           Though at times he threatened to kill some of his companions, Morales kept him in check. In the end, they finally killed him after a fast-paced 10 minutes battle without pause.

           When his agents died, Davis already knew that his mission failed, his little intelligence could comprehend that. He did not feel too bad about it though, he knew that he was already dead.

           Perhaps, he would have escaped if he tried, but he didn’t. Instead of dying in the hands of the cruel Sasha, he was fine with dying at the hands of his attackers instead.

           As soon as the battle ended, Leonel and the others plopped down again from exhaustion. They could not help but glare at Morales, everywhere this guy brought them, they always ended up exhausted.

           Despite this, they were happy at their victory as they knew how tight the battle was.

           Morales looked the worst out of them all as he now had 2 large bumps on his face from 2 blows that he received from the now-dead Davis. He had to admit, this guy really gave him a hard time.


           E-Class Quest completed successfully

           20,000 experience gained

           Special mission requirements failed: Kill all members of the assassin squad.



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