Before the other escapees could wake up completely, Morales took Lionel as they went out to look for where the other 3 leaders slept. Convincing them was the pivotal link to making their plan work.

Among the other 4 leaders that led the escape apart from Morales who was the overall leader, unlike Leonel, the mechanic with a slightly literate and refined look, the rest were mostly unruly and savage.

The months and years of working in the mining base affected them in different ways.

Tigerclaw was an Esper, he was a fairly muscular and cheerful young man. His ability is shapeshifting.

Because of his low energy rank, he could not transform completely yet, but he could strengthen parts of his body during battles to grant himself an advantage.

Like his name, his ability had the attributes of a tiger when he used it. He usually bragged to them that when his energy finally entered the grade E realm, he could then transform into a huge mutated tiger.

Bigfoot didn’t have a main class, he does not practice the super system. His power was solely from his bloodline, he is a member of the nearly extinct Bigfoot race that once dominated this planet.

He had a burly physique with hair covering almost every part of his body. His training was entirely from the inheritance of his race, no knowledge was required as everything was stored in his memory.

Compared with a pugilist, it was not guaranteed that he would lose in strength, but it was guaranteed that he would win in speed. His race was a tyrannical one.

He was one of the main reasons why Morales succeeded in beheading Chakra back in the mining base.

Hero was the one and only psychic among all the slaves. Compared to the other 4 leaders, he was the weakest, but the lethality of his psychic waves was not small.

This was the small clique of 5 that planned the whole escape.

Seeing how Morales and Leonel came to meet them so early in the morning with suspicious smiles on their faces, the 3 of them woke up directly as they secretly raised their guards.

“What?” They blurted out.

“Hey, why such a stiff welcome? This is a bright new morning; can’t you even greet a simple good morning?” Morales smiled wider while wrapping his hands around and massaging Bigfoot’s neck.

The burly guy squirmed a little in pleasure but he still kept a stony face. He raised his head upwards in contemplation before replying. “No!”

“What?” Morales was startled. “What no?”

“No good morning”. He replied coolly at Morales.

Morales’s face twitched but he didn’t mind, he sat them down with a smile before opening his mouth to propose his plans to them.

As he started talking, he secretly activated an ability. He felt like patting himself again for his genius after doing this as the system’s screen hovered before him for a second.


Passive ability has been actively induced by host- Effects have been temporarily increased by 2%.

Low-level overwhelming charisma: +10% to charisma and all charisma-related abilities.

Initializing resistance judgment…, judgment initialized

Your overall resistance is more than your targets, targets have been influenced.


As Morales talked fluently, Leonel was secretly shocked on seeing the originally deviant 3 suddenly become attentive, giving all their attention to him like they were watching a thriller movie.

He eyed Morales meaningfully. “What is this man’s background? He can’t possibly be a nobody, right?”.

Despite his curiosity, he suppressed his impulses and did his best to fade into the background so that he would not interrupt the persuasion that was currently going on.

5 minutes later, Morales stood up with a triumphant grin planted on his face. With that passive ability, none of them could resist, they all agreed to his plans.

“I feel like this body is no longer as useless as I thought, this charisma is really overwhelming. This would surely be the most sought ability back on earth, picking chicks would be much more convenient”.

“Perhaps, if I had this ability then, I wouldn’t have transmigrated a single”.

Keeping his erratic thoughts to himself, he patted his companions' back before turning around to go. They followed behind with various expressions on their faces.

By this time, the bright golden glow of the sun was already peeking out of the veils of the clouds, so the temporary camp of the escapees had some activities already.

Seeing their 5 leaders coming down simultaneously to meet them, the escapees quickly woke up the others still sleeping before they all stood at attention to greet them.

Morales responded to their greeting with a nod complimented with a smile before he went to the middle and stood before them.

These were not his subordinates, so he could not use the normal military or boss raiding words that he was accustomed to. He improvised but he was still hesitant if this would work.

Nevertheless, he felt a little calm knowing that his passive skill was always activated.

“Good morning fellow citizens of Beiger. You are no longer escapees; from yesterday when we trampled on the blood and flesh of our oppressors, we all became free people”.

“First, I want to appreciate your bravery yesterday as well as expressing my sympathy to those who lost their loved ones. They died for a good course; you should be proud of them”.

Listening to his words, as expected, none of the escapees showed any positive fluctuation in their expressions. Instead, they all started looking at him with suspicious expressions on their faces.

Some of the rasher ones may have already latched out to tell him to stop beating around the bush and tell them what he wanted, but they restrained themselves.

They could not explain it at the moment, but his words surprisingly felt compelling and sweet to them.

 “Yesterday is gone, today is another day. I will not dwell on the issues of the previous day but the incoming ones of today. Today, I want to ask for your help again”.

“Before being kidnapped and brought to the mining base, I originally stayed as a captive in an underground dungeon”.

“Lots of slaves, just like you of yesterday are still locked there with no hope of tomorrow. This may seem too much, but I want to ask you all again to follow me into battle and rescue these poor souls from their suffering”.

“You may feel that it does not concern you, but it does. Socialism makes civilizations. Though we are from different races, we are one”.

“If you decide not to help your neighbor today, don’t expect help tomorrow. Do to others what you want to be done to yourself; brothers…, that’s life”.

“If you have the sympathy of life in you and want to join me in this noble mission, raise your hand. Don’t worry, this is not free, you will all receive part of the loots when we take over the dungeon”.

“Is anyone with me?” Morales finally asked the most important question while trying to keep an indifferent face.

Nobody responded for the first 5 minutes, making the atmosphere awkward. As he started feeling his face burn, the first escapee finally raised his hand.

This seemed like the signal as other hands started rising. 5 minutes later, no hand went up again, 10 minutes later, it was still the same, Morales finally ended the session.

Though he already expected it, he still felt disappointed. Only 27 out of the over 300 slaves that escaped raise their hands, the others just looked on with innocent expressions on their faces.

Seeing this, he didn’t say anything. He calculated and started distributing the loot of yesterday to all of them, he would not go back on his word despite their rejection.

It did not take long before everyone got their own. They didn’t even wait to hear his next word. After getting their loot, they all turned and ran inside the forest.

It seems that his decision to still distribute the loot was detrimental to his plan. From the original 27 who raised their hands, only 18 were left after they took their loot.

“It seems that I’ll have to adjust my plans”. He sighed. “But this is still better than nothing”.

He remained there to thank the 18 who stood behind with him before leading them all to the corner where he spent the night with Leonel.

There, he showed them the strategy that he drew throughout the night. After inquiring about their abilities, he finally started adjusting the plan to better fit them in.

30 minutes later, they were done. Morales led them as they started moving west to the direction of the dungeon, they already forgot about their companions that left.

Under Morales’s meticulous guidance, the group of 23 finally arrived at the location of the underground dungeon after 45 minutes of traveling across the forest.

They encountered some beasts on the way, but they easily dispatched them through their superior strength and numbers. They did well to avoid all the well-known dangerous areas of the forest.

Though they could not see anything at the moment, none of the escapees doubted Morales’s claim.

The place that he pointed at only showed trees and forest grass that grew together densely, forming a huge canopy that stretched forward deeper into the forest.

The first impression that came to them on seeing this was…, an evil forest.

If looked at normally, this place was not suspicious at all. But now that they heard Morales’s claim and connected it, it did seem out of place in the forest.

Morales took a deep breath on seeing this. Unlike the others, he knew exactly what this was. He took a brief look at the notification from his system.


New Discovery: The ruin of the walking dead has been discovered.

Useful System Tip:

[Tread carefully, this is a dangerous region. Clustered trees and grasses indicate a nearby dungeon. It takes only a slight touch for the life to be snuffed out of you.]


Morales was not surprised on seeing this. He knew that this was the real name of the location where this dungeon was built.

“You all remember the plan, right?”

“Yes, leader”.

“Good, follow it to the book and you will be fine”.

With that, he took the first step forward with Tigerclaw closely following behind.

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